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October 20, 2018 – Phil's Fall Foliage Tour, joint with
Studebaker Drivers Club-NW

Fall Foliage 2018Studebaker Drivers Club members and guests met at Fred Meyers, Cornelius Pass Rd. @ Hwy 26, at 11:00AM and departed at noon sharp for a tour of Coast Range backroads. SDC-NW member Phil Gaffney hosted the event, which ended with a potluck at the Gaffney home in Hillsboro featuring sausage/kraut & chili, with guests bringing side dishes and desserts. Follow this link to see pictures of the event.

September 22, 2018 – The B-17 Bomber Museum Salem, OR

By David Muck, Studebaker Drivers Club NW

B-17 MuseumThe tour to the B-17 museum and luncheon was Saturday September 22nd.  We had good weather just a few sprinkles while we were at lunch other wise it was a very pleasant day.  We started out at our meeting place at the Oregon City shopping center. 

We toured together to the Flight Deck restaurant on McNary Field in Salem to have lunch.  We took up two floors at the restaurant for all of us.  Good food and good service. 

After lunch we went to the  B-17 hanger / museum for a guided tour of the museum and plane.  It was very interesting to learn about how the B-17 played a very important part in helping us to win World War II.  The guides were very informative telling us all about the operations of the plane during the war and how the ten man crew operated the aircraft.  They also went into great detail of how they are restoring the plane.  This is a huge undertaking and a ten to fifteen year  commitment. 

After the one and half hour tour a few of us went to Bauman’s Farm to view the gift shop and have some ice cream.  We had a total of thirty-four people and seventeen cars.  Out of the seventeen cars we had thirteen classics and four brand X’s.  This was a tour of three different car clubs, the Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club and two Studebaker chapters, the Willamette chapter and the North West chapter.  It was a lot of fun having all the clubs together and talking about activities of the different clubs.  I hope we can all do this again.  Thanks to all who could make the tour. Follow this link to see the pictures.

August 11, 2018 – CPPC's Hot Dog-Ust Day Cruise-In & Car Show

We hoped the stifling heat would break before the Hot Dog-Ust Day Car Show on August 11 – and we got a cool, cloudy day with a chance of rain in the forecast.

round car showEighty cars turned out nonetheless. The “chance of rain” turned out to be a half-hour of intermittent and light showers. Some folks didn’t even bother to raise their convertible tops.

We were able to turn over $5750 to our scholarship fund at Clackamas Community College for Auto Technology students, and we were happy to contribute $1000 to the CCC tracj team, who helped us set up, park cars, cook hot dogs and tear down/load out.

Click on the round poster image to read the full story of this year's Hot Dog-Ust Day, and see pictures of the event.

August 2, 2018 – Shape of Speed at Portland Art Museum

Story and pictures by Mike Bade

Follow this link or click on the picture below to see a gallery of Mike Bade's photos.

August 2nd CPPC, members went to the highly anticipated, Portland Art Museum's exhibit called The Shape of Speed: Streamlined Automobiles and Motorcycles, 1930–1942, a special exhibition featuring 19 rare streamlined automobiles and motorcycles,

Shape of Speed CPPCThe Shape of Speed presented a select group of rare automobiles and motorcycles that demonstrate how auto designers translated the concept of aerodynamic efficiency into exciting machines that in many cases, looked as though they were moving while at rest.
The Museum displayed 17 cars and two motorcycles—the best of that era’s streamlined offerings—from Europe and the United States.

Before the entry into the car exhibit, we took a photo in front of the museum, where there was a building size mural of a Chrysler Airflow. The reason why Thursday, was chosen for the tour, was, was because it is free admission to the P.A.M. after 5:00, the first Thursday of the month. F.Y.I. if you have not yet seen the cars.

Once inside the museum it was hard to get a photo of the car, with all the people milling around them. If you were patient you could get a photo without too many folks in the way.

Moving from room to room, yielded still another amazing car was reveled. It was hard to decide what to photograph, first a long shot then close-ups of the detailed styling. The only disappointing thing about the displays was the lighting, making it hard to get some of the photos I would like to have taken.

The cars did not disappoint, because I would not have ever seen these cars besides the museum. Don't forget if you have not seen the cars they are at the museum until September, 16th.

Mike Bade

July 24-28, 2018 – Plymouth Owners Club Grand Nationals

Grand NationalFour members of Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club attended the Plymouth Owners Club Grand Nationals in Northville, Michican, in July of 2018. Phil & Rose Ann Hall drove their 1954 Plymouth Belvedere Hy-Drive to the meet from their home in Roseburg, Oregon. The story of their adventure is at this link. Mike Bade and Jim Wheat left their cars at home and flew to Michigan for the show.

By following this link or clicking on the picture below, readers may view a gallery of Mike Bade's photos.

Story by Mike Bade

The 90 Anniversary of the first Plymouth was celebrated at the Plymouth Owners Club - Grand National Meet in Northville, Michigan, the birthplace of many of the American Automobile manufactures including the eventual start of the Plymouth Automobile in 1928.

CPPC group Grand NationalsThe Host region for the meet was the Detroit Region, who started organizing the meet four ago to prepare for the late July meet, this included the current POC President Russ Nardi, who had a hand in the preparations of the meet.  In a away, for me, it was a kind of homecoming, as there were POC members from the 2013 East-West National Tour and our 2010 Regional Meet who I had a chance to meet again. Of course they all asked about our own, Bill Call, who had made quit the impression on everyone on both tours.

Four members of the Cascade Region traveled to the meet. Phil and RoseAnne Hall drove their 1954 Plymouth Belvedere from Roseburg, OR more than 3000 miles by the time they reached the host hotel in Northville, Michigan. Mike Bade, Cascade Region President and Jim Wheat, Cascade Region Secretary flew to the meet to attended the meet.

Follow this link to read more.

July 18, 2018 – Mayflowers visit The Grotto

By Mindy Benfield

Follow this link or click on the picture to see Jim Wheat's photos.

On Wednesday July 18th, Philis Vancoelen  hosted the Mayflower outing to the Grotto in Portland.

Mayflower at GrottoThe Grotto is an  internationally renowned Catholic shrine and botanical garden, and is visited by more than 300,000 visitors each year. This 62-acre green space is just a few minutes east of downtown Portland.

The lower (plaza) level consists of  the parking lot, a chapel, gift shop, conference and vistor center and  the  shrine of  Our Lady’s Grotto,  which is a rock cave carved into the base of a 110-foot cliff.  A life-size marble replica of Michelangelo’s Pietà is featured in its center. We took the elevator up to the upper level and were able to see  beautiful panoramic views of the Columbia River Valley, the Cascades and Mt.St.Helens.  We also walked around the park like setting and looked at the beautiful rhododendrons, fir trees and other native plants as well as many pieces of religious art.

After our tour of the Grotto, we went to the Olive Garden near Mall 205 for lunch.  Two of Philis’s grandchildren met us there. It was a perfect day for the tour.

July, 2018 – Phil & Rose Ann Hall's Great Adventure

By Phil Hall

Rose Ann and I had a great time driving to the Grand National Meet in Northville, Michigan in our 1954 Plymouth Belvedere (HyDrive). 

Follow this link or click on the picture to see more photos of the trip.

Phil & Rose Ann NorthfieldOn our way to the meet we toured the Great Lakes around Wisconsin and Michigan, toured the Northern Peninsula of Michigan, and we rode the magnificent old ferry, the SS Badger on a four hour ferry ride across Lake Michigan.  On the way home, we took the modern and much faster Lake Express ferry across Lake Michigan.   We also detoured to Reno, Nevada on our return trip to visit some old family friends.   Total round trip was 6,632 miles; 15 states; 24 days.  We saw a lot of magnificent country and met many truly wonderful people.

On two different occasions we decided to drive all night in order to avoid 100 degree weather in Utah, Nevada and California.  In these instances, we would wait for the sun to go down before proceeding on our trip.   On the all night run between Reno and Roseburg, we took a roundabout route to avoid the heavy smoke from forest fires.  The route consisted of very lonely roads east of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, then eastern Oregon, finally crossing the Cascade Mountains north of Crater Lake, and down the North Umpqua Highway to Roseburg.  We carried and used a 2 ½ gallon gas can since the remote little towns we were passing through did not have gas stations that stayed open after midnight. 

We experienced a number of rain storms on our trip, the fiercest of which was in Michigan.  Then there was that sand storm in northern Nevada.  In addition to the sand, tumbleweeds were flying across the road, several of which hit our car. 
The biggest challenge to our Plymouth was the many long and steep mountain grades.  Quite a number of these grades required miles of driving in second gear at 30 miles per hour.  I am glad to report that after the many long and sometimes hard miles of our trip to Michigan, our Plymouth doesn’t seem much worse for the wear.  Plymouth built great cars. 

There is more to tell, but I told Robin that I could be succinct.  It was a great adventure.

July 14, 2018 – Philomath Frolic

D. J. Freeman entered both of his Plymouths in the Philomath Frolic Parade on July 14.

Freeman 38The 1938 business coupe is familar to CPPC members; the 1937 sedan, a fairly recent garage find, will be less so.

Drivers were: daughter Laura Freeman, driving the family’s familiar blue ‘38 coupe, and daughter Anna Freeman, at the wheel of the ‘37, with grandson Jon in the back seat (start them in the hobby while they’re young!).


Freeman 37Both cars needed help on the parade route – the ‘37 overheated and stopped (sounds like vapor lock), and the ‘38 required a jump start midway. In each case, the cars were able to rejoin and finish what was a fairly long parade, and the Freemans took home a blue ribbon for their entry.



July 14, 2018 – The Hazelnut Festival, Donald, Oregon

Rusher Donald 2018The population of Donald is listed as 979, but it seems to double or triple every year for the Hazelnut Festival. Old cars line the streets. There's a parade, and a street fair. Registration for the car show includes a full meal (choice of beef or chicken), and live music plays all day.

This year the Ealys, the Bades, Gary Rusher, and Robin Will attended.

Gary Rusher came home with an award for his 1930 Plymouth U business coupe.

June 16, 2018 – Orphan Car Show, Clackamette Park

Tom Shepherd and his 1956 Plymouth Belvedere drove away from the Orphan Car Meet with the $50 prize that stands in lieu of a trophy for Best of Show.

Best of Show groupPlymouth, the bread-and-butter make of Chrysler Corporation since 1928, has been an orphan make since 2001, so the reward was appropriate. Previous best-of-show winners have included Willys Whippet, a Rambler American, and a Nash-Healey.

We were glad to see Gary Rusher's 1930 Plymouth U Coupe on the field – the first time it has been out of the garage in a couple of years.

This Orphan Meet was the last, at least in current form.

CPPC will take the wheel for next year’s June 15 event, collaborating with Studebaker Drivers Club - NW and the AMC Club to hold space for the excellent and interesting marques that won’t be forgotten as long as we have anything to say about it.

See pictures by Ed Salia and Gary Rusher at this link.

May 19, 2018 – Aurora Colony Historical Society and the Stauffer-Will Farm

On May 19th, Jim Wheat, Bob Westphal, Elaine Huber and Robin Will met at Shari's in Oregon City for the short drive to the historic town of Aurora. Dave and Linda Surmon met us at the museum.

Aurora group 2018The story of Aurora is unusual in two ways. First, instead of isolated settlers, the Aurora group deliberately brought an entire town, from blacksmith to brass band, and they had an immediate economic impact on the territory. Second, the town operated as a commune for the first 25 years of its existence.

Curator Patrick Harris treated the group to a tour of the 5-building museum complex in Aurora. Around lunchtime, the group drove to the Stauffer-Will Farm, south of Aurora, where Cheryl Burks, an Aurora Colony Historical Society volunteer, had the woodstove going and biscuits in the oven. (Special treatment, because Cheryl is a friend of Donna Bade's, and perhaps because Robin is one of "those" Wills.)

The day was special because it was the 40th anniversary of the date when Elaine Huber bought her Plymouth Satellite.

Jim Wheat took lots of pictures, and they're at this link.

April 14, 2018 – Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival

By Jerry and Joanne Dixon
As many of you know Saturday, April 14th began as a rainy, cloudy day and we left for Shari’s in Oregon City wondering if any other brave souls would come along for the short drive to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival in Woodburn.

TaylorsWe were happy to meet new members Clark and Diane Taylor from Washougal. Bob Maker drove his Viper powered Studebaker Sedan Delivery and joined our small but enthusiastic group. Don Smith joined us at Monitor driving his beautiful 1940 Dodge Sedan.

The tulip fields were absolutely stunning even with the blowing wind and muddy rows. Boots were a very popular wardrobe accessory. We did some shopping (no wind in the crowded gift shop!) and rode the hay wagon. We actually had no rain, and the wind did not deter us from gazing at the incredibly beautiful fields of rainbow like colors of tulips.

Our three cars brought lots of attention – and the possibility of three new members.

Wouldn’t you know as we were heading for home the sun decided to show itself and it was a beautiful ending for a small but enjoyable CPPC tour.

March 10, 2018 – Brooks Fire Department Pancake Breakfast, and a tour of a private collection

Brooks 2018The March 10th tour went to the Brooks Fireman’s Breakfast. This is one put on by the Marion County Fire District #1 Volunteer Firefighters. Gary Rusher, the tour host, couldn't remember when it started but it was a long time event when he took over as chief in 1972. They are still at it loud and strong.

Just down the road from the fire station, Gary found a collection CPPC had never seen before. This lady has a large (40X96) car barn with a nice collection of about 10 cars, but a lot of other wonderful stuff as well, including an entire replica Coke-a-Cola soda shop.

The car collection tended toward Fords modified to go fast, but the hostess' mom's 1957 T-Bird was there, looking glorious, and also a prize-winning 1940 LaSalle convertible.

The hosts requested that, due to privacy concerns, no pictures of their collection appear on the Internet, and we're not identifying them by name, either. All we took away was memories.

The picture was taken in the parking lot of the fire station at Brooks, after the CPPC gang had done serious damage to an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast.

February 24, 2018 – Kidd's Toy Museum

By Mike Bade

The first stop on the February 24th Garage Tours was to the Kidd Toy Museum, South East Portland, on Grand Blvd., North of the Hawthorne Bridge.  We had 15 members and a few friends of Tom Shepherd attend the early morning visit.

Kidds ToysThe Kidd Toy Museum has been a fixture in the Portland Area for over twenty years, owned by Frank Kidd and his brother. Frank was a successful businessman, who owned an auto parts business and property in Southeast Portland.

He and his brother had an interest in Pre-War toys, padlocks and banks, just to mention a few of the thousands of treasures that are on display at there museum. Frank tells the story that he and his brother would go, most weekends to toy conventions and bring home suitcases of toys and then go the next weekend, during the conventions season, year after year.

Click here or on the picture to see the gallery of Mike Bade's photos.

The toy museum is full of some of the most amazing cast iron early pre-war toys, one might ever see, not just one or two, but groups of the same type of toy. It is hard to know where to start looking, at the start, just when you have though you saw everything, there is more to see, which is only part of Frank and his brothers collection.

Frank has enlisted the help of his family to keep the museum open. A recent family tragedy in late 2017, left the museum in limbo, not able to be open regularly.  Efforts of find other family members to help keep the museum open are forthcoming. Frank has enlisted his grand children to help with cataloguing, unseen inventory and hopefully, you may be able to enjoy even more in the future.

For sure we will have to have another visit to Kidds in the future, or you should try to go on your own, take the grandchildren. The museum is registered as non profit, future generations will be able to enjoy Frank and his brothers treasures. 

February 24, 2018 – Stan Adams collection of cars and petroliana

By Mike Bade

Stan Adams MuseumThe second stop on the February 25 tour the Stan and Sheryl Adams car Museum, as he calls it, a mile drive from our first stop.

Stan Adams and his wife Sheryl are native Portland residents. Stan and his wife had a successful tire business on the East side of downtown Portland. After selling their business they have enjoyed being able to collect a variety of collector and high performance vehicles and automobillia.

Click here or on the picture to see the gallery of Mike Bade's photos.

Since retiring, Stan and Sheryl have been frequent travelers to the Barrett Jackson Auctions in Scottsdale, Arizona. They have carefully selected cars that are of interest to them and now have approx. 25 beautiful cars. They also have an amazing collection of restored gas pumps, gas signs, peddle cars, vintage bicycles; filling their museum from floor to ceiling, carefully displayed for maximum effect. There are not any collections that would rival Stand Sheryl's in the Portland area, that I know of. 

Of course there is are many back stories, as to how each item was acquired, which Stan shared with the group, too much delight. Too bad Stan does not have any Plymouths, we would recruit him to join our club.

For a photographer, like me much time was spent photographing as much of Stan's cars and collectables as possible, are true treat. See photos on the CPPC website.

Another tour to Stan's may be possible at a later time, hopefully.

February 10, 2018 – Garage Tours: Steve's Auto Restorations and Darryl Schroeder's Speed Shop

Story and photos by Mike Bade

Click here or on the photo at right to see Mike's pictures.

The sun came out for the CPPC faithful, Saturday, February 10th, for the tour to Steve's Auto Restorations, owned by Steve Frisbie in East County, Gresham Oregon.
Frisbie Schroeder Tour 2018For what would be one of the larger tours in a while, 23 members and friends, answered the 9:00am call, and with the good weather, we had 5 collectors: Bob Westphal's '49 Club Coupe, Mark Child's '68 Fury St. Wag., Dave Benfield's '63 Valiant Conv., and Mike Bade's '30 Coupe.

After some doughnuts and conversation and a confirmed head count, we were invited into Steve's amazing work place. Once inside, greeting us was Steve Frisbie, owner, his wife, Chris Clark, office manager, Chuck Barr, shop foreman, would show us the many facets of their shop.   
Steve has been in business for dabbling in cars for 37 years, starting out in a small garage in high school and growing gradually over the years to the amazing full service restoration and custom car shop, eventually contending at prestigious events such as Pebble Beach and Forest Grove over the years.

Steve and his team of 15 highly skills craftsmen, design, fabricate and paint the amazing creations for clients from all over the United States and around the world.
Last year Steve and his team realized the "Pinnacle" of the car building industry, by winning the Detroit Auto Shows "Ridler Award", for the "Renissance Roadster" a pretty much hand made car, they built for a client from Texas

Throughout the tour we were able to many current projects that Steve's team are currently working on. Cars that have been lengthened, chopped, widened and combined (front of one car and back of another) into beautiful metal creations.

Steve also reproduces "new/real steel" bodies for 32 Ford Convertibles complete with chassis, just add your drive train, paint, upholstery and you have a "New Old Car.

One of the highlights of the tour, was learning the design process each project goes through headed by David Brost, lead designer. We were able to see many of the computer generated concepts for past and current projects created by David.

Thank you to Steve and his team for a truly spectacular tour.

Next stop on the tour was Darrel Speed Shop, a twenty minute drive, in Troutdale, OR.

Darryl has also been a builder and restorer for 31 years. His early work his fabrication talents were perfected, which gave him the foundation to do high quality builds and restorations.
Darryl's shop is does high quality fabrication, a lot of chassis and frame building. He has gigs to build chassis from scratch for a variety early Ford and Chevy projects.

As we toured Darryl's shop there were many custom builds fill he shop in various stages of finish for various clients. We also say a few, stock vintage cars, including one getting last minutes fixes for the 2018 Forest Grove Concours d’Elegance.

Typically, once all the chassis and body fabrication is complete on a project they are sent out for paint and upholstery and then back again for final assembly.
Darryl also has achieved accolades for the work he and his crew have done. In 2016 at the Portland Roadster Show he and his shop was recognized as "Builder of the Year", for a "Bare Metal" 1934 Ford Roadster project.

Darryl, like most shops does smaller projects to help you with your car projects, keep this in mind if you hit a snag with your car projects.

Thank you to Darryl and his team for a truly another spectacular tour.

Two great tours in one afternoon, is truly inspiring, making me want to head into the garage to work and work on my own projects.

Click here or on the photo at right to see Mike's pictures.

January 27, 2018 – Tour World of Speed and
Doug Vermeer's garage

WOS Group 2018Indoor tours are a good way to start the year in the rainy Northwest, and World of Speed never disappoints. They rotate exhibits in and out of their own archives, and they borrow extensively from nationally-known collections, so they almost never repeat themselves.

Corvettes were featured at World of Speed during CPPC’s January 27 visit, also a lot of Indy driver Andy Granatelli’s memorabilia.

After lunch the CPPC group visited Doug Vermeer and his collection in Aurora. Aside from his personal cars (he is fond of air-cooled Franklins, among other things) Doug is usually working on at least one antique vehicle that we’ve never seen before, and so we learn something every time we visit.

Click here or on the picture at right to see Mike Bade's photos.

November 27, 2017 – Mayflowers at the Oregon Rail Heritage Center

By Mindy Benfield

On Friday November 17th the Mayflowers had lunch at the Eastmoreland Golf Course before heading over the Oregon Rail Heritage Center (ORHC) in Southeast Portland.  An extended and informative tour of the vintage engines and railcars was given to us by train enthusiast and volunteer docent Barry Strange.

Mayflowers at Oregon Rail Heritage CenterThe ORHC opened in September of 2012 and is a nonprofit all volunteer organization. Their primary objectives are to maintain and preserve historic locomotives and railroad equipment, and to educate the public about Oregon’s railroad history. The ORHC is open Thursday thru Sunday and is well worth a visit. For more information look at the website for The Oregon Rail Heritage Foundation which is .   

As an added bonus, after the tour some members took advantage of the sunny weather and had a pleasant walk across the Tillicum Pedestrian Bridge.

October 16, 2017 – Mayflowers tour Willamette Heritage Center

By Virginia Dunn

On a beautiful, fall day 17 Mayflowers and friends traveled to Salem for a tour of the Willamette Heritage Center’s Thomas Kay Woolen Mill.

CPPC at Willamettte Heritage CenterWe learned much of the mill’s original machinery is intact and operational. During its 62 year history, with one fire and only one worker strike, the woolen mill closed in 1962 mainly due to competition from manmade fabrics. Two years later it was acquired to become a museum with five historic building also moved to the five acre site.

Nineteen members enjoyed a “cool” lunch at Gilgamesh Brewing. Some returned to the museum’s grounds to tour the historic buildings and visit the shops.

Follow this link to see Jim Wheat's pictures.

September 27, 2017 – CPPC was featured club at the last Beaches-PIR Cruise-In of the season

Six cars and ten CPPC members attended the season-end Beaches Cruise-In on September 27 at Portland International Raceway.

CPPC at BeachesThe last cruise-in of the season is always well-attended. By the time PIR opened the gates at 3:00PM, cars were backed up from the ticket booths all the way to the golf course – and back on the other side of the road, the better part of two miles.

Most of us thought we had never seen so many cars, let alone such a crowd of people, at a Beaches event, but on Thursday morning their Facebook page said there had been “only” 1751 cars – the second-most ever.

As featured club for the evening, we got to park in the middle, and as usual, we invited as many non-club Plymouths as possible to join us. We meet some interesting people that way, and occasional attract some new club members.

Aside from “Phil’s Phall Poliage Phollies,” by invitation from the Studebaker Club on October 21, this was the last outdoor event on the CPPC calendar for the year.

Follow this link to see the Beaches photo gallery.

September 2, 2017 – Show & Shine at Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center

Ten CPPC members and eight cars met at the Airport Way Home Depot on Saturday morning, September 2, and made the 40-mile drive to Stevenson, WA.

2017 Stevenson GroupThe event is a fundraiser for the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center, one of the northwest's most impressive regional museums, and it is held in the CGIC parking lot that overlooks the Columbia River in Stevenson. CPPC members Allen and Sharon Tiffany are involved in CGIC, and several CPPC members have made this annual event a tradition. The community of Stevenson turns out in a big way for this event, and the grilled burgers and real strawberry shortcake seriously raise the bar for car show cuisine.

Joanne Dixon keeps hoping that CPPC will bring home the club participation trophy, but we missed by three cars this year. On the bright side, Allen Tiffany's original 1928 Plymouth Q Roadster took the award for Best Car from the 1920s.

As a sad ending to a fun day, the Eagle Creek fire started across the river late in the afternoon, and we watched the smoke plume grow during the awards ceremony and on our drive home.

Click on the picture or follow this link to see pictures of the event.

August 12, 2017 – CPPC's Hot Dog-Ust Day

Three years ago, CPPC began holding our annual cruise-in/car show on the campus of Clackamas Community College, and made a point of donating monies to CPPC, earmarked for scholarships to Auto Technology students.

Lithia Big CheckThe first year, we were able to turn over $1500 for scholarships, and still show a profit on the event.

This year, we handed over $6000, when all was said and done, including $750 for the track/cross-country team, which shows up every year to help us park cars and cook hot dogs.

Eighty-nine cars turned out – several of them already in line by 7:00AM.

Read more about the event, and see the pictures, at this link.

July 16, 2017 – Forest Grove Concours d'Elegance

Klinger DriveThe big news (for CPPC, at least) at the Forest Grove Concours was Jerry Klinger's win in the Light Trucks through 1940 class in his 1934 Dodge. Few CPPC members get to make that memorable drive across the platform at Forest Grove, and Jerry did it with pride. Mike and Donna Bade, Randy and Pam Ealy, and Robin Will attended the show. The Plymouth presence on the field was small, but we did meet former CPPC members Paul and Joan Taylor in the Woodie Corral – they had brought an original 50K-mile 1949 Plymouth Special Deluxe Station Wagon to the show. We gathered up Mike's and Robin's Mopar-related pictures, and you can see them at this link.

July 10, 2017 – Mayflowers tour Palm Harbor

By Barbara Rice
DJ Freeman at Palm HarborThe Mayflower’s tour Palm Harbor Mobile Factory in Millersburg on July 10. There were 16 for the tour that saw how they start product to the finish product. Most of the ones made are special ordered and take about three weeks to build.

Philip Lapin & Jean Graham own a mobile home , they had lots of questions and Steve Thomas our tour guide did a great job on answering all questions.

D. J. Freeman drove up from Philomath to join the group. That’s his ’38 P5 coupe in the picture.

After the group went to Novak’s Hungarian Restaurant in Albany for lunch . And time to eat and visit.. Good time by all.

See more pictures at this link.

June 22, 2017 – Mayflowers at the Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden gateOn June 22, Mayflowers visited Portland’s Japanese garden. Mike Bade took pictures.

See the pictures at this link.






June 17, 2017 – Orphan Car Meet

CPPC members at Orphan Car ShowEach year, Studebaker Drivers' Club NW produces its Orphan Car Meet, and attending the gathering has become a tradition for Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club. The setting, in Oregon's City's Clackamette Park at the confluence of the Willamette and Clackamas Rivers, is one of the best sites in the Northwest for a car event. Aside from that, it's the place to see the cars you never get to see anymore: orphan makes, the many wonderful automobiles that are no longer in production. Best of Show this year was a 1929 Willys Whippett, but Don Ryan and Lee Powell placed in their classes, and Steve Herman and the Dixons got honorable mentions. SDC-NW reports that 75 cars attended the show in total, and 100+ pounds of food was collected for the Oregon Food Bank. See the pictures!

May 22, 2017 – Mayflowers visit Red Pig Garden Tools

Red Pig GroupRed Pig Garden Tools makes and sells hand-forged implements to home gardeners, nurserymen, landscapers and farmers, as well as sharpening, repair, tool restoration, and other general blacksmith work. (If it can be hammered from steel, host Bob Denman will make it for you.) Red Pig Garden Tools is located at: 12040 SE Revenue Road, Boring 97009.

See the pictures!


May 12, 2017 – Celebration of the life of Bruce Kerslake

KerslakesA funeral wasn’t really in the cards for CPPC member Bruce Kerslake, who died February 25. Bruce was a member of multiple car clubs, which all joined in a cruise to one of Bruce’s favorite spots, Nick’s Bar & Grill, in Amboy, WA, on May 12 for a celebration of his life. Bruce belonged to CPPC, Studebaker Drivers Club NW, WPC (Chrysler) Pacific Wonderland chapter, a local club for American Motors enthusiasts, and possibly others. Sue Kerslake coordinated a slide show and display of photos from the years when the couple were hiking and skiing enthusiasts. About three dozen friends attended, and Studebakers appeared to outnumber the other rigs in the parking lot.
Click here to see the photos by Mike Bade.


April 15, 2017 – Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival, at last!

Tulip FieldAfter several years of being thwarted by mud, storms, and chancy blooming seasons, CPPC and friends managed to catch the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm in full bloom on a sunny day, Saturday, April 15. We were joined by the Studebaker Drivers Club NW and the Pacific Wonderland chapter of the WPC Club. Ten cars and 18 people made the trek and were ushered directly to privileged parking in front of the flowers. We’re grateful to the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm for the opportunity. D.J. Freeman took the pictures.

Click here or on the picture at right to see more photos of the event.

February 11, 2017 – World of Speed, Wilsonville, OR
CPPC's season starts with an indoor activity

CPPC’s first organized activity of the year happened on Saturday, February 11 with a trip to World of Speed in Wilsonville.

WOS group Feb 2017The great thing about World of Speed, aside from being warm and dry on a February afternoon, is the constant turnover of displays, and the extremely high quality of the guided tours. Displays are rotated in and out frequently, so it’s possible to visit WOS several times a year and see new things every time.

Mike Bade and Jim Wheat took lots of pictures.

Click here or on the group picture at right to see a selection of Mike's and Jim's pictures.

December 7, 2016 – Mayflowers' holiday lunch at Stonecliff Inn

StonecliffBy Mindy Benfield

The Mayflower’s like to celebrate the holiday season with a special lunch at a restaurant that is a little bit ‘fancier’ than where we usually go. The Stonecliff Inn did not disappoint!

On December 7th, twenty three of us sat down to a wonderful meal and a couple hours of great conversation. Although it was too cold to go outside and explore the grounds, the view of the Clackamas River from the large windows was fantastic.

Click here or on the picture to see a gallery of Jim Wheat's pictures of the Stonecliff Inn luncheon.

November 8, 2016 – Mayflowers tour Bob's Red Mill

By Mindy Benfield

Philis at Bob's Red MillOn Tuesday, November 8th, Mayflowers – 14 CPPC members and friends – met at the Bob’s Red Mill factory in Milwaukie, OR.

After a detailed and interesting presentation we toured part of the facility. Looking through glass windows we were able to see the inner workings of a specialty grain milling operation.

Afterwards we all drove over to Bob’s Red Mill Whole Grain Store, Restaurant and Bakery, where we had lunch and shopped for delicious healthy food.





September 21, 2016 – Beaches at PIR: The cruise-in season
begins to wind down

Tail Dragging coupeTwenty-five CPPC members and 15 CPPC cars turned out for the next-to-the-last Beaches PIR Cruise-In on September 21.

As featured club for the event, we got to park our Plymouths in the middle of things, under the trees across from the bandstand and close to the food service, so we got a lot of attention.

Our custom is to invite other Plymouth owners to join us in the position of honor, club members or not. We get to meet lots of interesting people that way, and occasionally we recruit some new club members.

Click here or on the picture of the lowrider to see a gallery of Bruce Kerslake's pictures from the event.

September 3, 2016 – Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center
Show & Shine, Stevenson, WA

CPPC group at StevensonThe weather looked chancy starting out, but we got the afternoon clearing that the weatherman promised, and the day was comfortable.

The annual Show & Shine in Stevenson benefits the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center, where CPPC members Allen and Sharon Tiffany have been heavily involved for years. It's one of the most impressive regional museums in the Northwest, well worth the drive to Stevenson even without a car show.

The Dixons and Bades were at the show; Sharon Tiffany was able to join us on the field for a short visit; Herb Watkins and Russ Ashley came in Herb's hand-built Packard Woody; and Robin Will took pictures. Terry and Judie Byrnes were also at the event with their 1952 Plymouth Cambridge, but they were nowhere to be found when it was time to take the group picture.

As usual, museum supporters turned out to grill hamburgers and hot dogs, putting the menu several cuts above ordinary cruise-in food, and there was real strawberry shortcake, making a couple of us think we should have had dessert first.

Allen Tiffany won in the 1920s category with his 1928 Plymouth Q roadster, and he took best of show with the 1937 Chrysler 4-door convertible.

Follow this link to see the gallery of pictures from Stevenson.

August 20, 2016 – CPPC'S Hot Dog-Ust Day Car Show & Cruise-In

HOTDOG2016Sixty-five cars turned out on the hottest day of the year for the cruise-in / car show / fundraiser we produce every year to raise scholarship money for Automotive Technology students at Clackamas Community College. It's our way of supporting our community – and keeping car enthusiasts in the pipeline, to keep our hobby strong.

Follow this link to read about the event and see the pictures!

July 29, 2016 – Old Timers Festival, Dayton, Oregon

In Dayton it appears the entire town turns out for Friday nights in the park that serves as the town square, and the Old Timers Festival on July 29th drew the Ealys, the Bades, and the Byrnes. Photos are by Mike Bade.

Bade Ealy Dayton
Byrnes Dayton
Bade Ealy Dayton

July 23, 2016 – Roberson's All-Mopar Cruise-In

SuperBirdSaturday, July 23, was the date of Roberson’s All-Mopar Cruise-In in Salem this year, and as usual, the big boys came out to play such as the Plymouth Superbird at right, which you probably won’t see at your local cars-n-coffee event.

Dixons’ '67 Barracuda and Bades’ 1930 Plymouth hot-rod both placed in their classes.

Follow this link to see a gallery of Mike Bade's photos from the Roberson event.

Thunder, lightning and rain add excitement to Orphan Car Show on June 18th

Weird weather kept folks huddled in their cars for part of the Orphan Car Show, but it improved later in the day.

Orphan Cars spot 2016CPPC had a small but faithful turnout, and the Ealys went home with second place in their class, the 1930s decade, for their stellar 1939 Plymouth convertible.

The Orphan Car Show, sponsored by the Studebaker Drivers Club NW, is a quality event in more ways than one. The venue at Clackamette Park is a great place for a car show. But the cars are the point, and folks who are tired of overchromed Deuce coupes and Tri-Five Chevys can refresh their memories among the Studebakers, Nashes, Ramblers and far more obscure makes that aren’t often seen at other shows.

Follow this link to see a gallery of Mike Bade's photos.

May 21, 2016 Cedar Creek Grist Mill Tour, jointly with the Studebaker Club

By Bruce Kerslake

Cedar Creek GristmillThe Cedar Creek Grist Mill tour had the following participants:
Keith and Kathy Reno in their '60 Lark,
John and Pat Bernhart '60 Hawk,
Murl Jones '64 Commander,
Sue and Bruce Kerslake '60 Lark,
Bob and Yvonne Westphal '48 Plymouth Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club,
Pam and Jim Wheat Brand X Plymouth Club,
Terry and Judy Byrmes Brand X Plymouth Club

We left the Gee Creek Rest Area at 10:15 proceeding by back roads to the Cedar Creek Grist Mill. Three grist mill volunteers presented the history and operation and provided samples of stone ground red and white wheat and cornmeal.

Several cookbooks were available for donations as well as products from the mill.

We spent just under two hours at the mill and then drove to Amboy for a tasty lunch at Nick's Bar and Grill.
Pat Bernhart delared this was the best tour she's ever been on.

Follow this like to see a gallery of Jim Wheat's & Bruce Kerslake's pictures.


Schreiners’ Iris Gardens put on a show for Mayflower visitors
on May 16th

By Lorraine Griffey
What an amazing display of beautiful iris along with peonies, flowering dogwood trees, and all of the accompanying flowers! Those iris are so regal and come in so many different colors, we all did a lot of oohing and ahhing at all of the beauty. Some of us came home with bouquets of a dozen gorgeous iris!! Ed and Diana Parker of Omak, Washington, surprised us by joining in the tour, which was also a surprise for Diana for her birthday - Good Job, Ed!! What a delight to have a chance to get acquainted with out of town members, wish more of you would do this. Also on the tour were Jim & Pam Wheat, Patty Brost, Minday & Dave Benfield, Barbara Rice, Virginia Dunn, Susan Yates & Lorraine Griffey. Coming up next month is a picnic at Council Crest, hope many can join the Mayflowers as we explore and have a good time together each month.

Schreiner group
Schreiner Iris
Schreiner Foxglove
Schreiner visitors

April 15, 2016 – Mayflowers at Belmont Fire House

On April 15, CPPC’s Mayflowers toured the Belmont Firehouse, SE 35th and Belmont in Portland, formerly a neighborhood firehouse and now a museum that teaches safety and shares the history of firefighting. The venue is usually advertised as a great place to take children, but nobody is too old to enjoy the firetruck simulator, the antique firefighting equipment, and the chance to slide down the brass pole the way the old-time firefighters did. Photo by Jim Wheat.

Mayflowers Firehouse

April 1-2-3, Portland Swap Meet

By Robin Will

Every year, there's something to learn at Portland Swap Meet, which I think is why CPPC keeps going back. The parts-scrounging, wrench-turning, hands-on hotrodders and restorers who hang out at Swap Meets are the folks who keep our entire hobby running, and it's only smart to pay attention to the questions they are asking, and the stuff they're buying.

Some years, we bring home substantial amounts of money from Portland Swap Meet.

Patty BrostSome years we make friends in the hobby, like the youngster who just hauled a '33 Plymouth coupe out of the woods, and needs to know what the gauges are supposed to look like. Or the 20-something kid, literally with tears in his eyes, holding some rusty piece or other, saying "You're sure you want only twenty bucks for this?" (He's working on a P-15, and I'll bet this guys grandfather wasn't even born when the last new P-15 rolled off of the line.) Or the really old guy, pushing his walker along, who confides that he's got a couple of Plymouth projects he won't be able to get to, and he wants them to go to somebody who will treat them with respect.

Patty Brost helped out with membership questions and was quite willing to talk about the Brost family's '33 Plymouth PD convertible. Photo by Robin Will

Each year, we're reminded that all of us, and all of our cars, are getting older. The last Plymouth was made in 2001, which means kids getting their learners permits this year as 15-year-olds have probably never seen a new Plymouth. We can't ignore that demographic, and it shapes the way we'll approach the business of selling old Plymouth parts in the future.

So we didn't set the world on fire with booth sales this year. It wasn't the worst year we ever had, but we were grateful that we met lots of great people to balance out the disappointing till.

Winchell NachandEverybody was blaming beautiful weather for the flat sales. That’s ironic, considering the number of years we have endured rain, wind, and hail at the early springime event, waiting for a break before we went outside. This year the sun was so nice that people didn’t come inside, and some folks used the balmy weather as an excuse to skip the Swap Meet altogether.

Tim Winchell (L), master electrician, and Tom Nachand, all-around 1933 PD guru, were on hand to swap stories and share technical advice. Photo by Mike Bade

But as things turned out, booth sales weren't everything. We had an outdoor space as well, full of the stuff that was too big to drag inside. At the end of the meet, a friend offered us a generous check for everything that was left out there, provided we'd deliver it on the way home, and that brought us up to just about average income for the meet.

Will HermanIn addition, we sold the Tech Committee’s “baby,” the 1942 Plymouth Sedan that they have been working on for months. We didn't sell it at the Swap Meet – a club member bought it – but that income will show up on the Swap Meet ticket, when the Tech Committee accounts for everything spent getting The Baby into shape.

Robin Will (L) and Steve Herman did their best to sell parts and promote the club to potential new members. Photo by Mike Bade

As usual, several very attractive items did not sell at the Swap Meet, which, increasingly, is the way things have been working lately. Sometimes the guy who will give you $500 bucks for the donated 1930-only Plymouth wire wheels is in Florida, not strolling past booths at Portland Swap Meet. Our “EBay & Craiglist Committee” takes over at that point, marketing the good stuff to a national audience. For them, Swap Meet lasts all year, and they bring the club hundreds of dollars worth of online sales each year.

The Tech Committee thanks everybody who showed up to to work, or to help with load-in and load-out, at this year’s event.

March 18-20, 2016 – Portland Roadster Show

At CPPC member Brad Groff's prompting, club members reserved a six-car space at Portland Roadster Show, and took six cars and some club promotional materials to the 60th anniversary show.

Roadster Show ThumbChoosing cars more or less by the decade they represented, the club showed Allen & Sharon Tiffany's original 1928 Plymouth Q Roadster, Mike & Donna Bade's 1933 Plymouth PC Coupe, Randy & Pam Ealy's 1939 Plymouth Deluxe convertible, Bob & Yvonne Westphal's 1948 Plymouth P15 Club Coupe, Tom Shepherd's 1956 Plymouth Belvedere Club Sedan, and Tom Fox's 1959 Plymouth Golden Fury.

Club members were in attendance for most of the hours the event was open, swapping Plymouth stories and sharing club information with visitors.

Portland Roadster Show, with its high-dollar hot rods and customs, might seem to be an unlikely venue for nice old Plymouths, but in terms of competition, CPPC came out well. Bades' 1933 PC coupe took second in the Restored Class, 1931-33; and Tom Shepherds blue-and-white 1956 Belvedere placed second in Restored Class, 1949-57.

Click on the picture to see a gallery of photos from the Roadster Show.

March 14, (Monday) – Mayflowers tour Bonneville Power Administration Visitor Center

Mayflowers BPA thumbnailBonneville Power Administration recently did a remodel of their visitor center in northeast Portland, and BPA now has an archivist keeping track of the agency's history. Mayflowers went to check it out on March 14, getting a look at pictures and artifacts preserved throughout the history of this New Deal program that electrified most of rural Oregon and Washington in the 1930s. Click on the picture to see a larger version.


March 12, 2016 – Old Aurora Colony Museum &
Stauffer-Will Farm

Aurora TourCPPC members visited some historic sites fairly close to home on March 12, when Robin Will hosted a tour to the Old Aurora Colony Museum and the Stauffer-Will Farm.

The town of Aurora was founded as a Utopian Christian communal society in the late 1850s, and since they brought an entire community – craftsmen, orchardists, builders, millwrights – they had a major influence on the commerce of the Willamette Valley.

Their heritage was mostly German; their religion was similar to the Pennsylvania Dutch Amish. The colonists were noted for their arts, crafts, and music, and that tradition carries on in a variety of ways in the historical society today.

March 12 happened to be the Museum's Spinning Wheel Showcase, and the buildings and courtyard were full of spinners and assorted fiberarts displays.

After checking out the museum, the group adjourned to the Stauffer-Will Farm outside of town, for sack lunches and a tour of an 1866 pioneer homestead preserved as close to original as possible. Click on the picture to see a gallery of Mike Bade's photos of the event.

March 5, 2016 – Garage Tours: Bill's Place and Gary Parham's

Bill Call Garage Tour thumbBill and Dolores Call opened their doors for a tour of their collection on March 5, 2016. Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club was joined by members of the Studebaker Drivers Club, and WPC Pacific Wonderland Chapter – some 40 people in all. Visitors enjoyed coffee and cookies as they took the collection of cars, murals, and other memorabilia Bill has amassed through his years of service as a U.S. Marine and through his involvement in the trucking industry in the northwest. Click on the picture to see a gallery of Mike Bade's photos of the event.



February 15 (Monday)Mayflowers tour Oregon State Capitol

Mayflowers in the governor's officeMayflowers toured the Oregon State Capitol on February 15, 2015, and watched the legislature in session. They were also able to visit the Governor's ceremonial office, and pose for a group picture behind the Governor's desk. It's a great picture, and Philis Van Coelen looks downright gubernatorial sitting in the Governor's chair. Click on the picture to see a larger version.


February 13, 2016 – Sidedraught City Garage Tour

SideDraughtThumbThe folks at Sidedraught City have been involved in the Portland automobile community since 2001. They sell a variety of racing supplies which don't necessarily apply to Plymouths, and since 2012, they have also been the northwest dealership for Griot's car care products. They gladly host garage tours for local clubs, providing hands-on experience with the line of Griot products, and giving a chance to try before you buy. Sidedraught City is likely to be a frequent stop for CPPC, since something different happens every time. On this rainy February morning, several CPPC members got hands-on experience using a clay bar. Click on the picture to see a larger version.

November 7, 2015 – World of Speed, plus tours of the Andrews and Vermeer garages

Click here or on any of the pictures to see a gallery of photos.

By Robin Will
On November 7, 2015, CPPC members toured Wilsonville’s World of Speed, ate lunch, and then visited the garages of a couple of local car collectors.

World of Speed CrowdWorld of Speed is a class act no matter how you look at it. Among other things, a couple of us were impressed at how well the local speed- and hot-rod scene had been documented, recalling names we hadn’t heard since we were kids, checking out the older guys' hot rods when Eisenhower was President.

After lunch we made the short drive to George Andrews' place. He’s a Ford guy, and can talk all day about Model Ts, but the pride of his collection is a 1936 Pierce Arrow sedan.

ArcherThe car, priced new at $7000 when Fords cost about $700, was bought new by a local public servant who, on paper at least, didn’t have the means to buy so expensive a car. Without much prodding, George will tell you the story of Terry Schrunk’s career as a sheriff and mayor. He’ll also tell you that the 6000-plus pound sedan can cruise at 90mph, a fact he personally verified.

The next stop was Doug Vermeer’s. Doug is a woodworker by trade, and his collection includes cars from the Teens and Twenties that required replacement of their structural wood. The Vermeer cars all get driven – it appears that a couple of family members enjoy classic car tours – and though they’re all impressive, it’s clear they’re treated like cars and not priceless sculpture.
Being as we’re a Plymouth Club, Doug thought we might be able to help with a restoration that’s still in process – and that’s where the mystery comes in. He said he needs a grille for a 1931 Plymouth PA, and showed us the grille – too rouch to restore – that he had taken off of the car.

Vermeer coupe sideThe car it came off of, however, is clearly not a Plymouth PA, a fact that had several CPPC members out in the driveway in the rain, swarming over a coupé body which looks for all the world like a 1932 Plymouth PB, rectangular rear window and all.

The coupé – at least the pieces of the coupé – got as much attention as the Franklins, Maxwells and the Zephyr (under construction) that were inside!
We took a lot of pictures, and Gary is doing some online research to see if anything like this ever left the factory, or if the combination is a more recent, homemade adaptation.

November 6, 2015 – Mayflowers visit Aurora

Crowds in Aurora? Who knew?

The Mayflowers found themselves behind a tour bus full of exchange students in Aurora on November 6, a group which overwhelmed the small business on their agenda.

The Mayflowers skipped one of their destinations because of the crowd – but found themselves behind the same group at another spot late in the day.
As a result, they missed a candy factory and the holiday display at Fir Point farms.

However, they had a good time at Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage, where interesting bits from old buildings are preserved – and for sale. It’s as much museum as it is store, full of memories as well as things we’d like to take home.

“There was lots of neat old stuff to look at, reports Mindy Benfield. “We learned that Jim Wheat is quite the antiques collector- so much so that his wife, Pam, says that they need a second house just for his collectables!”

(They also found the perfect sign for Chuck and Stephanie, in case the Willis’ decide to open a new business.)

After a leisurely tour of the Aurora Mills collection, the group enjoyed an early lunch at Langdon’s Grill located just north of the Aurora Airport at Langdon Farms Golf Club. The food and service were good and it was a perfect end to an otherwise less than perfect outing.

Jim Wheat provided the photos on this page. Click on any picture to see a larger version.

  Inside Willis Grocery Aurora Mills exterior  


October 14, 2015 – Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

By Jeanette Dimick

Wildlife Only SignEleven cars and 20 members showed up on a beautiful day to tour the Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge and have lunch on October 14, 2015.

The drive around showed us a lot of herons … did you know they only weigh 4-5 pounds, large as they are? Bruce and Sue Kerslake said they had a photo from earlier this year out there of a snake losing his battle with a heron … egads!
Some saw a beaver swimming in the stream. Several other birds spotted, identities ??

Lunch was to be catered at the Holy Grill in Ridgefield, when I called to confirm, the caterer was on I-84 with a blown tire after leaving her dad in Spokane with terrible injuries from a grinder accident. So, Plan B which we didn’t have of course.

We found Gouger Winery, they served us brats and tuna melts and some mighty fine wine.

Then, on to Schurman Machine Shop which was an interesting tour and story.
We were especially pleased to have Les and Nancy Connors join us for lunch.

Click on each picture to see a larger version.

  Wildlife Group in sun Group at Shelter Machine Shop  

Pictures by Jeanette Dimick

September 23, 2015 – CPPC is host club at Beaches PIR:
we had 19 Mopars and one Stanley Steamer in attendance

Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club was featured group at Beaches PIR Cruise-in on Wednesday evening, September 23, at the next-to-the-last Beaches event of the year.

Follow this link or click on the picture to see the rest of the Beaches pictures.

Elaine's CarBeaches Cruise-In is held Wednesdays, June through September, at Portland International Raceway, sponsored by Beaches Restaurant in Vancouver, and all profits go to children's charities. At an educated guess, there were 1500 pre-1974 cars there this evening, plus lots of motorcycles. The gates open promptly at 3:00, and by 2PM cars were backed up for a mile.

Organizer Joanne Dixon shared these facts: We had 19 Members and 14 member cars. Two of our members brought guests. As is our custom, we invited four non-member Plymouths to park with us (plus the Stanley Steamer). This is a bigger turnout than previous years: In 2014 we had 11 cars and 18 members, and 2013, 8 cars and 11 members. Just some interesting stats. It was a great success and lots of fun.

September 11, 2015 – Mayflowers Tour Fort Vancouver and Officers Row

Mayflowers had a great day on September 11 at Fort Vancouver, WA, touring Officers Row and the original stockade.

The tour was comprehensive, beginning at the Pearson Air Museum with a short fiMayflowers at Officers Rowlm and tour, then a short drive to two of the houses on Officer’s Row, with lunch at the Grant House, then another short drive to old fort and stockade.

Philis Van Coelen organized and hosted the event for the Mayflowers, and Jim Wheat supplied all of the pictures on this page.



Click on the picture or follow this link to see the rest of the Officers Row pictures.

August 8, 2015 – Hot Dog-ust Day at Clackamas
Community College


CPPC was proud to host 81 cars at our Hot Dog-ust Day Cruise-In & Car Show on August 8, 2015.

BelvedereEalyLogoWe were able to give a $1500 scholarship to the Automotive Tech department at Clackamas Community College – tuition and fees for one student for an academic term. We also contributed $300 to CCC's cross-country team, who cooked and served hot dogs, and literally served as runners to help park the cars.

Thirty-nine local businesses sponsored trophies, and dozens more supported the event with donations to the raffles which ran all day.

We're already planning next year's event.

We have a couple of photo galleries: one of cars on the field, and another of trophy winners. Feel free to contact for high-resolution versions of pictures.

Click on this link to see the cars in the show.

Click on this link to see the trophy winners.

Click on this link to download a list of trophy sponors, raffle donors, and goodie bag donors.


July 26, 2015 – Mopar Nationals, at Woodburn Drag Strip

By Dave Benfield

MoPAR Nationals at Woodburn Drag Strip is a combination car show, swap meet, and drag race. The car show participants get to park in the pits rather than the regular parking lot, so they're right in the middle of all the action. Dave Benfield and Lloyd Schulz host this event as a regular thing, and there's a faithful cadre of CPPC members who turn out each year for the excitement.

Dave Benfield, Mike BadeMopar Nationals represents the grittier side of the car hobby, and members are advised to bring sun shades and sunscreen, hats, ear plugs, and their own food and drink, if they don't like the usual dragstrip fare.

We’ve had a real good turn out in the past so let's keep it up!!

Lloyd and I usually bring a sun umbrella to tie off to the hand rail in the bleachers due to the lack of shade. We also bring sunscreen, hats, ear plugs, and our own food and drink.

Follow this link to see the Mopar Nationals Pictures!

Four for four isn’t bad at all! At Mopar Nationals, July 26 at Woodburn Drag Strip, CPPC members brought four cars, and took home
four trophies.
In the Street Rod Pre ‘49 class, Mike Bade’s 1930 Plymouth Coupe took first place, and Dave Benfield’s 1948 Plymouth Club Coupe took second.
In the Projects class, Gino DeSantis’ 1934 Plymouth 4Dr. PE took first, and Mark Childs’s 1968 Plymouth Fury Wagon placed second.

June 20, 2015 – Orphan Car Show at Clackamette Park

The Studebaker Drivers Club’s Orphan Car Show becomes a bigger hit with Plymouth people every year!

Click here or on the picture to see Mike Bade's photos!

Ealy ConvertibleIt doesn’t hurt that CPPC member Bruce Kerslake is also heavily involved in the Studebaker Club. And it’s due in part to the fact that Plymouths joined the field of “orphans” those marques which are no longer produced, with the end of the 1999 model year.

The Clackamette Park venue – on the grass, in the shade, near the water – makes it a pleasant place to spend an afternoon.

And if you’re a little jaded about rows of Tri-Five Chevys or chromed-up flathead Fords, this is the place you want to be for true variety. Against all odds, there was not one, but two ‘54 Nash Healeys at the show, and when was the last time you saw even one of those?

Randy and Pam Ealy came home with First Place for the 1930-39 decade, with their lovely and driveable ‘39 Plymouth rumble seat convertible – and a good time was had by all.

Follow this link to view pictures from the Studebaker Drivers Club.


May 16, 2015 – Hazeldell Parade of Bands, Armed Forces Day

Hazeldell, WA, celebrates Armed Forces Day with their Parade of Bands, and, for the third year, CPPC was there. Car clubs and civic organizations join the parade with just about every maching band in the region, and a good time is had by all.

Click on the picture of the CPPC gang to see the rest of the images.

CPPC group at Hazeldell 2015Joanne Dixon says organizers specifically ask parade participants not to throw candy from cars, and get pretty much ignored every year.

This year, eight members and five cars from CPPC were part of the parade. Jerry and Joanne Dixon host the event, which starts in a staging area before cars are ushered into the parade.

Of the five CPPC cars, four were convertibles – Bades’ 1935 Plymouth, Steve Herman’s 1937 Plymouth, the Ealys’ 1939 Plymouth, plus Westphal’s later-model Chrysler LeBaron. The Ealy and Bade convertibles were taken to the front of the parade to escort dignitaries.


May 9, 2015 – Portland Transmission Cruise-In &
Papa's Toys

The weather forecast – days ahead of time – was for sunny and warm weather, and the turnout for the 2015 Portland Transmission Cruise-In was the biggest anyone had ever seen.

Click on the picture to see the Portland Transmission pictures.

Portland Transmission Street SceneThe neighborhood south and west of SE 11th & Hawthorne filled up for blocks, and the designated area overflowed. Some CPPC members – notably Charles & Velva Stewart and Tim McCarthy – gave up and parked outside the show area.

Portland Transmission hosts a no-frills event. Folks arrive at the crack of dawn. Cars jam the streets in the neighborhood, and every available parking lot. By noon it's all over.

When milling around is the order of the day, it's difficult to keep track of club members and their cars. Chuck Willis, Russ Ashley and Herb Watkins were there: we spotted Herb's Packard Woody, and allegedly Russ' '39 Ford was there as well, but we missed it. The McCarthy and Stewart cars were parked blocks away. We know Mike Bade was there because we spotted his '35 Plymouth Convertible, but we never saw Mike. Mark Childs was enthusiastically showing off his '68 Plymouth Suburban (the Great Pumpkin), and we found JulieAnn Edman securing Sarah (the 1935 Dodge pickup) while Marlo circulated and checked out the cars.

There were a few nice Mopar cars at the event which didn't belong to CPPC members, and – even for a hotrod show – an extraordinary number of Deuce coupes (1932 Fords).

Papa's Toys Cruise-In & Car Show is almost always held the same day at the Portland Transmission event – a double-header for hardcore car lovers.

Click on the red pickup to see the pictures from Papa's Toys.

Red International PickupIt's the once-a-year opening of the Jim Davis Collection, a benefit for Doernbecher Children's Hospital, held at the former Stewart-Stiles Trucking terminal in Cornelius, Oregon.

The Davis collection occupies a warehouse on the grounds, and if visitors are driving old cars, they're invited to park inside the fence at the terminal. The result is two car shows: the Davis cars inside, and 20-30 acres of visitors' cars outside in the parking lot.

Twelve CPPC members and seven cars made it to Papa's Toys (including some that had spent the morning at Portland Transmission.)


April 10-11-12, 2015 – Portland Swap Meet

Follow this link or click on the picture to see Swap Meet photos by Mike Bade and Robin Will.

Swap Meet GroupPortland Swap Meet is one of CPPC's two fundraisers in an average year. It's also a change to meet almost every Plymouth enthusiast in the Northwest, recruit some new members, and make some new friends.

This year the Swap Meet was good to us financially, and it once again underlined the value of networking in the old car hobby.

Volunteers in the booth dealt with lots of questions about restoration parts, with 1933 models being the most popular for reasons we couldn’t figure out.

Joanne Dixon reported she spoke to more than one person who was surprised that we had women in our club, which gave us some ideas about marketing for future events.

Several visitors took advantage of our offer of free one-time newsletter ads for items they either wanted or had for sale.

Many people took away membership applications, and three couples signed up on the spot.

The takeaway lesson from the 2015 Swap Meet is that Plymouth parts and mechanical know-how are becoming increasingly scarce, and if we can focus on parts and networking, we’ll be in business for quite a while.


March 12, 2015 – The last operational US Navy PT Boat

PTBoatTourx300March 12 was a sunny day – a good day to drive down to the river and visit a PT Boat.

Bob and Jeanette Dimick hosted this event, with members gathering at North Portland’s Overlook Restaurant before heading to Swan Island.

PT stands for Patrol Torpedo, a class of boat designed to strike at larger warships with torpedoes, protected mostly by their high speed and small size.

PT 658 was built late in World War II, and apparently didn’t see combat.
A group of volunteers formed the organization Save the PT Boat, Inc., and restored PT 658 to original condition beginning in 1995. It is the only US Navy PT Boat that is fully operational today.

After inspecting every inch of the boat, CPPC members returned to the Overlook Restaurant for lunch, and then returned to the island to visit Mike Slama’s warehouse and collection of gas pumps.


March 7, 2015 – the Legendary SMS Auto Fabrics

SMS Door Skins x300On March 7, 2015, ten CPPC members joined a joint tour to SMS Auto Fabrics, in Canby, Oregon, with the Studebaker Drivers Club and Pacific Wonderland WPC Club.

SMS claims to be the largest supplier of auto interior products in the world, and it would be difficult to argue with them. They have an enormous inventory of OEM fabrics, and can offer reproductions of what’s not on hand, for every American car from 1930-2000. Aside from seat materials and seat welt, they offer door panels (or door panel skins, for the do-it-yourselfer), carpet, windlace, trunk liners, headliners, and most likely some things that ordinary restorers haven’t figured out names for.

They are almost legendary in the restoration hobby for having obscure stuff, or being able to reproduce it, as long as your timeline and budget hold out. CPPC members reported having a great time.


October 4, 2014 – Tour to Ape Caves

Click here to see the rest of the pictures from the Ape Caves Tour.

Story and photos
by Jeanette Dimick

Ape Caves GroupApe Caves Tour, Mt. St. Helens led by Bob and Yvonne Westphal and Gerry and Kena Petersen followed by Dennis and Jeanne Mowery, Jerry and Joann Dixon, Bruce and Sue Kerslake and Bob and Jeanette Dimick.

A beautiful drive thru Clark County via Yacolt and Amboy.’A right and left turn instead of a left and right turn but we figured out to turn around when we saw the “private driveway” sign. Lunch in Amboy at the Grill on the Cedar Creek, outside…great food.

Arrived at Ape Caves about noon, Bruce and Sue disappeared pretty quickly with their backpacks being the hikers that they are. We assume they made it out.
6 more went down into the very dark cave with their flashlights. Assume they made it out too as we left a little early.

The fall colors were starting, some nice oranges and yellows and sunshine sparkling through the trees.

A great day, we all enjoyed.


October 1, 2014 – Closing Day at Beaches/PIR

Follow this link to see pictures of the event.

Beaches2014The phenomenal Beaches Cruise-In at Portland International Raceway takes place every Wednesday from June through September.

For four years running, CPPC has been Featured Club for the last event of the year, usually on the last Wednesday of September.

"Featured Club" means we get to park together as a club, right in the middle of things in front of the bandstand, and we have space to set up a membership table and some display materials.

This year the weather didn't cooperate. Down along the slough, it takes only a little rain to turn a meadow into a mudhole, and Beaches/PIR postponed their September 24 closing event for a week.

Even on October 1, it wasn't a sure thing. However, the rain held off, and at 1:00 in the afternoon the field was pronounced dry enough to park on. By the time the gates opened at 3, classic cars were lined up for a good half-mile.

CPPC showed well, in spite of the last-minute notice, delivered by hosts Jerry and Joanne Dixon. Thirteen members, in 12 cars, were able to get to the event, and as usual, we invited non-member Plymouths to join us.

And the sun came out!

Two new members joined CPPC at the show.


September 14, 2014 – Covered Bridge Tour

BridgeGroupClick here to view Mike Bade's pictures of the Covered Bridge Tour.

CPPC teamed up with the WPC (Chrysler) Club, and the Studebaker Drivers Club, for a Covered Bridge Tour on September 14.

Mick and Ruth DeSantis, Bruce Kerslake, Randy & Pam Ealy, Dennis and Jeannie Mowery, and Mike & Donna Bade attended.

There is a full account of the tour, and a lot more pictures, on Sue Kerslake's excellent website for the Studebaker Drivers Club. Look at the "Recent Events" listings on the left side of the page.

Click here to visit the SDC website.


September 13, 2014 - Mopar Summit, Columbia River Mopars

Click here to view Gary Rusher's Mopar Summit pictures.

By Jerry Dixon
PoliceCarLinkOn September 13th, Columbia River Mopars held their Mopar Summit at Gresham Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Dealership. They had 102 car entries, a new high for this location.

CPPC had seven members attend with five cars. The CPPC cars did quite well with four 1st in class awards, Gary Rusher/30 Coupe, Bill Call/88 Police Car, Jerry Dixon/67 Barracuda, and Herb Watkins/55 Dodge. Jerry Becker and Chuck Willis also attended, and we were visited by member Glen Gordon, from Hermiston, who was in town picking up his 1933 coupe from the paint shop and stopped to check out the show on his way home. We thank our friends with the Columbia River Mopars Club for putting on a fine all Mopar event.


August 30, 2014 – Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center

Follow this link to see the photo gallery!

Watkins WoodyThe Show-N-Shine in Stevenson, WA, is a traditional CPPC event, because of CPPC members Alan and Sharon Tiffany's ties to the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center – and because the 50-mile drive up the Washingon side of the Columbia Gorge is a great run in an old car.

This year, it rained probably half of the time. One squall after another came in so low that we couldn't see across the river, and unloaded. Most, if not all, of the participants stubbornly stayed put for the day – waiting for pauses in the rain to stroll around, check out the other diehards' cars, and purchase the impressively good hamburgers and strawberry shortcake served up by the museum volunteers. At least a few participants purchased souvenir t-shirts and stashed them, so they'd have something dry to wear home.

CPPC had 6 cars at the meet: Tiffany's 1928 Plymouth Q Roadster, Gary Rusher's 1930 Plymouth U coupe; Bob Westphal's 1948 Plymouth Coupe, Herb Watkins' Packard Woody; Jerry & Joanne's 1967 Barracuda; and Robin Will's 1997 Buick. That didn't quite equal the Gorge Cruisers' 9-car turnout, so we came home without the club participation trophy one more time.

However, the Dixons' Barracuda was recognized for best stripes, and the Watkins Packard was recognized for Best 40s Car, and also won the Peoples Choice Best of Show award.


August 16, 2014 – Cruise Independence with Central Lions Club

Independence PosterThis event marked the third – and final – year of CPPC's teamwork with the Central Lions in creating this stellar event in the town of Independence, Oregon. It turned out well for all concerned. We taught the Lions Club how to produce a first-class car event. We had a great time in the lovely atmosphere of Riverview Park, which is one of the pleasantest venue for a car show that we have ever seen, plus the joint venture was profitable for both clubs.

Mike Bade's brash, yellow 1930U coupe was the poster car, looking good against the backdrop of Independence' Main Street. Click on the poster or follow this link to see see a full account of this great summertime show.


June 21, 2014 – Orphan Car Show

Click here or on the picture of the winners to see a gallery of photos.

WinnersThis perennially-popular event is hosted annually by the Studebaker Drivers Club, and CPPC traditionally attends in large numbers. The venue – under the trees in Clackamette Park – is pleasant. Plus it's a gathering place for cars that we don't often get to see: the unusual and beautiful independent marques that fell by the wayside as automobile production grew more concentrated and homogenized in the name of progress.

CPPC took our share of honors this year: Mike and Donna Bade's 1933 Plymouth PC coupe took first place in the '30s category. Herb Atkins' handmade Packard Woody took second place in its class, and Bill Call's 1957 Studebaker pickup took first place in the Trucks category.


May 17, 2014 – Hazel Dell Parade of Bands

Group ShotOn Armed Forces Day, the town of Hazel Dell puts on a parade, and invites car clubs to participate. For the second year running, CPPC has had a presence in the parade. Click on the group picture, or on this link, to see the pictures Mike Bade took of the event.





May 10, 2014 – CPPC turnout is scant at Portland Transmission and Papa's Toys

Click here or on the picture to look at the photo gallery.

The second Saturday in May always presents a challenge to Portland-area folks in the car hobby: the Portland Transmission Cruise-In and the once-a-year opening of the Papa's Toys Collection happen on the same day.

Childs at Ptld TransThe Portland Transmission event fills an entire SE Portland neighborhood, south of Hawthorne, east of 12th. It starts at approximately the crack of dawn, and the streets clear out right around lunchtime.

That gives the faithful a chance to boogie the 20+ miles out to Cornelius, where the Davis collection reposes in an old trucking company warehouse. A donation to Doernbecher Children's Hospital will get you inside, but old cars are invited inside to park inside the fence, so there's a show in the parking lot, as well.

This year, three CPPC members (with two cars, among them) showed up at Portland Tranmission. Marlo Edman brought Sarah, the 1935 Dodge pickup. Mark Childs attended in The Great Pumpkin, his 1968 Plymouth Fury Suburban. Robin Will was there taking pictures.

Mark Childs also made the drive to Cornelius, and The Great Pumpkin got photographed again – in the sun, this time.

The other picture in this [small] collection was not a CPPC club car – but who can look away from a bright-red 1958 Plymouth Belvedere convertible?

April 12, 2014 – Sun eventually shines on four-club outing to Tulip Festival

Bade Rusher RusherClick here to see the Tulip Tour Photo Gallery

In the morning of April 12, several club members were wondering if they had dressed warmly enough, but by afternoon we were shedding our jackets and enjoying the sunny day.

Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club teamed up with the Northwest Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club, and the Pacific Wonderland Chapter of the WPC Club for this event, and some American Motors drivers also joined us. Jerry and Joanne Dixon hosted the event, and the procession of 18 cars made quite an impression at the gate of the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm.

Drivers and passengers quickly scattered to stroll through the 40 acres or so of blooming tulips, so a group picture was not possible.

Against all odds, two of the individuals who came over for a closer look were restoring 1967 Plymouth Barracudas, so Jerry Dixon had a lot to talk about, and hopefully CPPC can be of assistance as their projects develop.


April 4-6, 2014: Making new friends at Portland Swap Meet


Click here to view the Swap Meet Picture Gallery.

Club members had a good time at the 2014 Portland Swap Meet, did a lot of networking, and made some new friends.

One new member joined at the show; several members renewed, and we handed about about 100 applications to prospective members. Many people expressed interest – especially from folks who had Plymouth projects underway – so we’ll wait and see how many applications come back.

We made several friends by promising free one-time newsletter ads to anybody looking for Mopar-related items, or having the same for sale (page 7).
Grand total income for the three-day meet was $483.73, which was down from the $982.80 we netted last year.

Going farther back in history, it’s not as bad as the $244 that remained in the till in 2011, but not as good as the $1000-plus that we saw in earlier years.

Up and down the aisle, the news was similar: sales weren’t all that vendors had hoped for this year.

And rent went up by 25% for next year’s spaces – from $60 to $75.
As a result, CPPC has regrouped and re-strategized somewhat for next year’s event.

Instead of 5 spaces, we’ll be renting four, and Mike Bade had already paid for one of the four for his photography. That serves us well: folks stop to look at Mike’s pictures, and we talk to them about joining the club!

One of the remaining spaces will be devoted to our now-iconic membership tower, and the other two will house a concentrated display of quality Plymouth parts.

We sorted inventory one more time at the end of the meet as we took down the booth. One stack of unidentifiable or unimpressive stuff went straight to recycling. A second pile was reserved for “pretty good” stuff that a couple of Tech Committee members will try to sell for the club on craigslist or EBay. The third pile will be cleaned up and prepared for sale in next year’s booth.

CPPC thanks all of the members who worked in the Swap Meet booth this year.


March 15, 2014 – Dealer tour gets CPPC members and cars
out in the sunshine

NAMC groupIt doesn’t always happen this way in March, but the sun came out – and stayed out – for the first CPPC activity of the year.

Three dealers and a shop were on the agenda for March 15: Juan Ruiz’ Affordable Classics in Gladstone, Dale Matthews’ Memory Lane, Bad Boy Auto, and North American Muscle Cars.

Four members brought their old cars, and nine more joined up in their daily transportation on this loop through Gladstone and southeast Portland.
Affordable Classics greeted the gang with coffee and donuts, and North American Muscle Cars put out a fine spread of chips, fruit,and cheese and crackers.
And if that wasn’t enough, CPPC members ended the day with pizza and conversation at the Red Baron.

Jerry and Joanne Dixon were CPPC’s hosts, planning the itinerary and the lunch stop – and arranging for the beautiful weather(!)

Click here or on the picture to see Colleen Miles' photos of the North American Muscle Car visit.__________________________________________________________________

September 25, 2013 – Law of averages catches up with Beaches Cruise-In

Click on the picture at right to see pictures from the cruise-in.

Over Hoods link

It was bound to happen: after two years of beautiful weather at the last Beaches Cruise-In of the year, rain almost canceled the event entirely.

It wasn’t until mid-day Wednesday, September 25, that Beaches/PIR decided the floodplain-meadow had dried out enough to support car traffic. Jerry and Joanne Dixon phoned everybody who had signed up to attend, and 13 CPPC members and 8 CPPC cars showed up to park front-and-center in the hosts’ spot, sharing the honors with the Hot Rod Council.

As usual, we tried to flag down every Plymouth entering the gate, whether a club car or not, to invite them to park with us on the grass under the trees. We made some new friends, and got a look at some Plymouths we don't ordinarily see.

The sun actually came out, towards evening.


August 31, 2013 – Show & Shine, Columbia Gorge
Interpretive Center

CGIC 2013CPPC tries to give special attention to the Show & Shine at Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center because CPPC member Sharon Tiffany is executive director at CGIC. Also because it's a great event, a pleasant drive to get there, and we get to see cars that we don't see if we stay closer to metro Portland.

Also, one of these years, we're going to take home the Club Participation Trophy.

That didn't happen this year, but CPPC cars did well in all of the judged classes. Allen and Sharon Tiffany won twice – with their 1928 Plymouth Roadster and the ’37 Chrysler convertible. Mike Bade took home a trophy for his yellow ’30 coupe. Herb Watkins won Peoples Choice with his Packard woody.

Click here or on the picture at right to see Mike Bade's photos of the event.


August 27, 2013 – CPPC's Hot Dog-ust Night

Jerry KlingerAfter a long, hard summer of cruise-ins and tours, CPPC traditionally celebrates with a hot-dog feed in August. The club provides hot dogs and fixings, and members bring desserts. Donna Bade did the heavy organizing, purchasing the sausage dogs, buns, fruit, potato salad and chips for the club. Jerry Klinger grilled the hot dogs. Stephanie Willis brought flowers for all of the tables, Tim McCarthy brought his guitar and sang, the Mowerys provided backup help in the kitchen, and Don Hufschmid called a couple of rounds of Bingo when the meeting was over. Click here or on the pic of Chef Jerry Klinger to see Mike Bade's pictures of the event.






August 17, 2013 – Cruise IndependenceIndependence 2013 with Central Lions Club

This marked the second year of CPPC's collaboration with the Central Lions Club in producing a car show in Riverview Park in Independence, Oregon. The shady park on the banks of the Willamette, the bustling farmers' market, with Independence' Main Street businesses just across the street from the park, combine to make this a great place to hold a car show. The 123 folks who registered their cars seemed to agree with us. Click on the car show poster at right to read all about it and link up to the cruise-in pictures!


July 21, 2013 – MOPAR Nationals at Woodburn

Article by Dave Benfield, Photos by Mike Bade

Click on the picture at right to see a gallery of Mike Bade's photos.

Dragstrip Mopar NationalsScreamin’ MoPARs, tire smoke, and lots of cool stuff for sale was the order of the day!  On Sunday, July 21 several CPPC members and a few friends went to the MoPAR Nationals at Woodburn Drag Strip.  This is a one day event, hosted again this year by MoPAR Musclecars and the Woodburn Drag Strip. It consists of an all MoPAR (including Jeep and AMC) car show, a drag race, and a small swap meet.  Lloyd and I were met at the Tualatin K Mart by 2 other show goers.  After a cup of coffee and a muffin, we took off down I-5, and met a few more on route.  Seeing as how the cars were parked more or less as they arrived, and we all got in line together, we were able to park together-except for Lloyd who came in his ‘71Chevy Pickup.  He recently sold his ’68 Plymouth Custom Suburban and his ’47 P15 4 door is a work in progress.

Attending were Mike and Donna Bade, Mick DeSantis, Dino DeSantis (Mick’s son) and friend Andy Gray, Lloyd Schulz, CPPC guest Rick Webster and his beautiful yellow Prowler, and me.  That’s a fairly good turn out considering recent numbers for similar events.  Lloyd and I will probably host again next year.  Let’s see if we can get a dozen CPPC entrants.  This would probably be a good place to set up the “Recruiting Tent” as well.

In the car show judging CPPC and guests did OK again this year with 2 of the five MoPARs coming home with awards.  The Bades’ ’30 Model U street rod took 1st in  Pre-49 Street Rod, and Andy took 2 nd place in projects with his ’50 Chrysler.

Also, one of the CPPC attendees came home with a bunch of little goodies and a hot lead on a car that he ended up buying the next Wednesday.  By the time this article gets published some of us will have seen Lloyd’s “new” ’69 Dart GT convertible: a B-5 V8 beauty freshly restored by Washougal High School’s metal shop teacher.


June 29, 2013 – 28 CPPC friends & members attend
3-stop garage tour

Click on the Pierce Arrow Archer to see pictures from this event.

By Gary Rusher
Pierce ArrowGary Rusher set up a tour of three garages in the Wilsonville area that the club had never been to before. So on Saturday, June 29th a group of 28 club members and one guest meet at the Wendy's in Tualatin for a 9:45 departure.

The first leg of the tour was only about 2 1/2 miles to George Andrew's place. But the group actually walked next door from George's to Jim Yeager's first. Jim as a couple garages with a nice collection of cars including a nice 1941 Dodge Coupe, a 55 T-Bird and a 59 Ford Retractable Hard Top as well as some nice pick-ups.

After viewing Jim's cars and getting to know him and listening to some stories about his cars the group walked back to George's. George's wife Evie was there to greet us and Jim tagged along to help tell more stories about all the cars. Some highlights of George's collection would include a 1924 Ford touring sedan that is all original (never restored) and only  has about 19,000 miles on it. He has several hot rods and resto-rods and a nice survivor, a 1953 Mercury 2 Dr HT which was the last of the flat heads. There was a super nice Model T pick-up and a 1966 Chevrolet pick-up that drew lots of attention. But the one that stood out to a lot of people was a fully restored 1937 Piece Arrow sedan (serial number 1) that was used as a show car around the country in 1936 with its last stop in Portland, and has only 37,000 miles on it.

From George's the group went to Wilsonville, again only about 3 miles where they had lunch. Most ate a Pizza Schmizza. At 12:45 the group gathered up for another 3 mile ride to Bill Morgan's house. Bill has several nice cars including his wife Janette's 1957 T-Bird. Bill has a couple Model T's that were restored by Doug Vermeer, who's shop we visited a couple years ago. Bill has several other cars including a very nice 1937 Plymouth Sedan and a 1941 Cadillac project car. After enjoying some good social time and some of Janette's frosted pumpkin bars the group was free to go on their way.

Needless to say a good time was had by all, which included Jerry and Joanne Dixon, Mike Bade, Gerry and Kena Petersen, Tim Winchell and his fiance Donna, Tim McCarty and Kris, Don Hufschmid and Lorraine Griffey, Cari Catlow, Lloyd Schultz, Bruce Kerslake, Bob Westphal, Mike Leidig, Marlo Edmon, Dave Benfield and his friend Rick Webster from Mollala. By the way Rick brought his yellow 2002 Prowler. And of course I went along to, but had to ride with Mike.


June 22, 2013 – Orphan Car Meet

The Northwest Studebaker Drivers Club's annual Orphan Car Meet is one of the pleasantest events anywhere.

CPPC Orphan GroupThe show is held in Clackamette Park, on the grass, under the trees, beside the rivers, with civilized amenities close by.

The cars are primarily orphan makes whose names didn't make it into the present, and many of these vehicles aren't seen elsewhere, so if you're tired of musclecars and Tri-Five Chevys, this show should be on your list.

A 1912 Overland touring car took best of show, but CPPC members also did well: Jerry & Joanne Dixon took first in their class with the 1967 Barracuda S that they bought brand new, and Bill Call placed second in the truck category with his 1957 Studebaker pickup.

When the meet broke up, Mike and Donna Bade, Jerry & Joanna Dixon, Bob Westphal and Robin Will went over to the old Flying A station in Gladstone, and took some more pictures.

Click here or on the group shot above to get to a gallery of CPPC pictures.

Or click here to see the official pics on the SDC website.


June 15, 2013 – Picnic at Fletcher Anderson's with
the Model A Club

Click on the group pic at right to see a gallery of Mike Bade's photos of the event!

Fletcher Anderson 2013The Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club was once again invited to the Annual Model A Ford Picnic, at Fletcher Anderson's farm near Chehalis, WA.

The theme of the event was The World War II Years, 1943 specifically, a theme reflected by some of the military vehicles in attendance, and certainly in the costumes and uniforms worn by some of the guests, and the music played by the Ridgerunners Society Orchestra.

Don Hufschmid and Lorraine Griffey hosted the event for CPPC. Members met at the McDonald’s parking lot at 3208 NW Yeon (Hwy 30) at 9:00 am for donuts & coffee, and started the trek to Chehalis on back rounds, beginning around 9:30.


April 20, 2013: 3 clubs tour to Tulip Festival

Click on the picture to see a gallery of Bruce Kerslake's photos of the tour.

2013 Wooden Shoe Tulips

For a few weeks in April, there is no more colorful and photogenic spot in Oregon than the Wooden Shoe Tulip fields, out in the country east of Woodburn.

Three car clubs joined forces for the tour: Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club, the Studebaker Drivers Club, and the Pacific Wonderland Chapter of WPC joined forces on this tour.

CPPC's Pat Brost organized the group, which met at Shari's Restaurant in Oregon City, and motored to Monitor on backroads that suited the cars perfectly.

Patty Brost furnished this account:

On Saturday, March 20th, 16 people and eight cars left Oregon City under cloudy skies and headed for the Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm near Woodburn. The skies brightened, the sun came out and the tulips showed us why the Spring is such a wonderful time of the year.

We were able to park our cars in a special place on the grass near the tulips.It made for some wonderful pictures, tire kicking and comments from the public. Most important a lot of "tip-toeing thru the tulips."

The following people were in attendance:

Pat & Patty Brost; Bob & Yvonne Westphal; Duane & Katherine Benedict; Jerry & Joanne Dixon; Carl & Chris Nordstrom; David & Patti Outhie; Bruce & Sue Kerslake; Carl, Theresa & Tanya Chilcott.


2013 National Meet in Tucson
This Old Plymouth Makes Another Journey

Click on either of the pictures to see pictures of the trip to and from the 2013 Plymouth Owners Club National Meet in Tucson

By Tom Nachand & Chuck Willis

At TucsonIn hindsight the trip started with a little trepidation. Lincoln City to Tucson and back was pretty ambitious, especially in an 80 year old car. I’ve said for years that the fun of driving overcomes the inconvenience and lack of comfort my old Plymouth gives me. It’s true. As uncomfortable as I get it is still an over the top joy to drive. Preparation was easy as the '33 only required a tune-up and repacking the front wheels.

At De SantisChuck Willis, once asked, was an enthusiastic passenger. I was glad to have his company. Chuck and I are pretty large. I’ve quipped “Big & Bigger” a number of times. In spite of having to drag us and our luggage around, the PD Convertible Coupe performed wonderfully last trip to Pacific Grove, so expected the same for this trip.

Day 1 on the trip was 470 miles to Willits, Ca. The first 100 miles started a bit rough. We stopped in Reedsport, Or. as the engine was running rough. After resetting the points again the engine smoothed out. It was a long day with hours of rain or drizzle and Willits was a welcome sight. Day 2 was more of the same. A lot of miles with stops at the Golden Gate Bridge and the hotel stay at the same hotel as the 2007 POC National Meet in Santa Maria, Ca. Day 3 got us through Los Angeles to Blythe, Ca. Only three traffic jams and much warmer temperatures. Day 4 we happened to be stopped in Tonopah, Az taking a break when I received a call from Mick DeSantis. Mick & Ruth invited us to visit their home in Sun City, a Phoenix, Az. suburb.  It was an opportune call, we were so close, so we relaxed a bit at their home and enjoyed their new patio.  Mick showed Chuck and I the surrounding amenities as we departed – Multiple golf courses and even more community centers.  We arrived in Tucson at the end of Day 4, 1540 miles from the start and checked in. Friday was filled with a Club Officer meeting, Board meeting, and Judges meeting. I fit in cleaning up the car as the show and judging was set for the next day. A social hour and Bar-B-Q finished the day.

Thursday through Sunday temperatures were in the mid 90’s. Saturday turned out to be a cloudless day, the parking lot adjacent to the Hilton Hotel lined with old Plymouths. It was an enjoyable sight. Once judging was complete, most retired to the shade and rested up for the banquet. More than 100 people attended the evening banquet. A 6 person Regional Club planned and executed the entire POC National Meet. It was an amazing effort and showed what can be done. Chuck and I thoroughly enjoyed our time in Tucson.

We left for the Grand Canyon early Sunday morning. The idea was to get in Sunday afternoon and see some of the canyon. Get up early and take the shuttle bus for some other views of the canyon before departing for Hoover Dam and Las Vegas. The rim trail and views were magnificent. After departing the Grand Canyon the wind picked up blowing from the south and southwest. The Plymouths speed dropped dramatically to the point that I thought something was failing. All the gauges read good but there was no acceleration and the wind noise was so loud we couldn’t hear the engine running. I pulled over a couple of times to see what could be wrong. Ultimately, the engine was fine it was just that the wind was so strong it   overpowered the 70 horsepower. We turned west after about 50 miles and the driving was easier.

Next stop was Hoover Dam. I was slightly disappointed compared to a visit over 40 years before. I can remember stopping right on the dam and walking around – looking up towards the lake and down the face of the dam. Times have changed. There is a military presence and checkpoint. There is no stopping on the bridge and parking now costs $7. I was also surprised at the number of people walking around. At the end of the day we circled Las Vegas and stayed northwest of town. The newscast that night stated the wind had been blowing at a steady 46 MPH. I thought it was now behind me but the newscast stated the wind was shifting to the northwest. It would still be in my face tomorrow. Our longest day was scheduled the next day.

The next stop - Carson City. I decided to leave Hwy 95 north of Las Vegas and get to Hwy 395 leading to Carson City. To do that was about 80 miles of isolated road (Hwy 266 & 168). The elevation changed dramatically bringing snow showers. At one point the road turned into one lane with a sign stating “yield to oncoming traffic”. That was a bit odd because there were so many turns in the road and the canyon walls so close you couldn’t see 50 feet or really yield to anything.

We finally arrived in a place called Big Pine, stopped for fuel and lunch and turned north again. The elevation kept rising and topped out at over 8200 feet near Mammoth Lakes. Snow intensified. Fortunately, the roads stayed pretty clear in spite of blowing snow and temperatures in the 20’s. Snow was with us all the way to Carson City. We had bypassed a stop at Bodie, Ca. A ghost town due to the bad weather.

Next leg was to White City, Or. AS bad as the weather was the previous day, it was beautiful the next morning. We left Carson City early again and took one break at a little dirt pull off seemingly in the middle of nowhere. WE pulled up next to a tree that was loaded with shoes. There must have been 200 pairs hanging.

The next break was in a small town called Adin, Ca. We had lunch in a place called Adin Supply. It was a catch all store that had wonderful personality. It had lunch, auto parts, clothing, groceries, antiques, and a stunning array of taxidermy.  After lunch we headed towards Klamath Falls. Or. and I missed a turn, stopping in Keno, Or. for directions.  I thought we would be returning close to Klamath Falls where I could buy more gas . Instead, we  hit a Hwy 140 intersection 31 miles from Klamath Falls and 45 miles from Medford. Another place on the sign was Lake of the Woods Resort – 5 miles. We’ve got 10-15 miles left before running out of gas. We turned off to the resort looking at a big sign that says CLOSED TILL MAY 1ST, found a locked fuel pump next to a store, and no one around.  I walked around empty cabins toward a lodge and found a guy working. I explained our dilemma and asked for his help. A couple of phone calls and we were able to get enough gas to get to White City. Plan B was to go on until out of gas and meet my Brother-in-law coming out of White City. Fortunately, we only had to meet him for breakfast the next morning.

The last day was a 5 hour run to Lincoln City. The return trip was 1660 miles totaling 3200 miles, a couple of pairs of chapped cheeks, and more aches and pains than a couple of trips to the hot tub will cure. All in all, an ambitious trip, two willing guys, and an 80 year old automobile that got us there and back and is capable of even more.

Roy & Beverly Asbahr garage tour, November 3, 2012

By Stephanie Willis
(Editor’s note: Roy and Beverly Asbahr are gracious hosts, and the car collection is dazzling, but due to security concerns, they request that we don’t publish photos. Instead, we're publishing a picture of Chuck & Stephanie Willis' 1939 Plymouth Coupe, which was laid up all season, and finally got to go on a tour!)

Willis 1939 coupeWe had a very nice time at Roy and Beverly’s house.  We were greeted at the service station with hot coffee and cookies, yum. The service station was full of memorabilia from the 30’s through the 50’s.   We then went onto the  dealership floor  and saw their beautiful collection of cars.  They were all picture perfect. I think everyone, including the ladies, oohed and awed.  Beverly invited the girls to meander through the house and view all her awesome collections.  Her home was decorated for the season, Halloween.  Oh all the pretties we ladies got to see. Thank you Roy and Beverly for allowing us to see your garage and home.  Stephanie & Chuck

We had a pretty good turnout for our garage tour which included Bob Westfall, Jerry and Joanne Dixon, Les and Nancy Conner, Larry and Joyce Catt, Bob and Jeanette Dimick, Dennis and Jeanne Mowery, Mike Leidig, Tim Winchell, Tim McCarthy, Chuck and Stephanie Willis

LeMay Museum in Tacoma – A CPPC train trip! October 20, 2012

LeMay front thumbClick on the picture at right to see a gallery of photos by Dennis Rice and Robin Will

Mike and Donna Bade coordinated CPPC's train trip to visit the new LeMay Museum in Tacoma on October 20, 2012. The group hiked up the hill from the AMTRAK station to the Museum, and spent the day wandering through the Museum's many levels. The LeMay features traveling exhibits, as well as rotating in vehicles from the voluminous LeMay collection, so it's reasonable to plan twice-yearly visits to this facility, just to keep up with changes.

Beaches PIR Cruise-In, September 26, 2012 (Wednesday)

Beaches 2012By Robin Will

The picture at right links to a gallery of pictures by Mike Bade and Robin Will.

After two years, it feels almost like a tradition – CPPC’s last outdoor event of the year, under the willows at Beaches’ last cruise-in of the year.

Last year, the Wednesday night event drew more CPPC cars than any club activity all summer, so the moment the 2012 calendar opened up, Joanne Dixon signed us up to do it again.

We broke our previous record by one car: we had 18 member cars, and 33 club members, in attendance. Last year, we had “only” 17.

It seems likely that Beaches set some records as well. Total attendance on September 26 was 1,761 cars and motorcycles. The place was packed.
Seven people took CPPC new members packets home to fill out.

To make it even better, three CPPC cars won trophies: Bobby Burden with his 1920 Dodge Depot Hack S.R.; Darren Soderberg with his 1934 Plymouth Rumble Seat Coupe; and Tom Fox, with his 1959 Plymouth Fury.

It’s a good bet we’ll be back next year.


Macleay Cruise-In, Macleay, OR, September 22, 2012

Macleay 2012 thumbThe Macleay Cruise-In happens annually as a fundraiser, sponsored by the Silverton Flywheels, for a scholarship in memory of the son of CPPC member Virginia Dunn.

Macleay is a crossroads town east of Salem, and the gathering is held in field behind the Macleay Inn.

CPPC members Mick DeSantis, Jerry Dixon, Mike Bade, and Gary Rusher convoyed through picturesque countryside to the event, and member Chris Chytka drove his 1938 Plymouth PT 50 over from Aumsville (below). Mick DeSantis (right) won a trophy for “Work In Process” for his 1934 Plymouth 4-door custom.

For more about the event, visit:


MOPAR SUMMIT, September 15, 2012

(Saturday) – MOPAR Summit, Gresham Dodge, Gresham, OR. They are again having seminars and classes, and are OK with banners and club materials. This is the same show as Timberline and Newberg venues in the past. We have had very large turnouts of CPPC members cars at these events in the past. Learn more here.

Stevenson Show & Shine, September 1, 2012

Story and pictures by Jerry Dixon

The coffee was hot and the donuts yummy when CPPC members Jerry & Joanne Dixon, Chuck & Stephanie Willis, Bob & Jeanette Dimick, Marlo & JulieAnn Edman, Bill Marble & Mary Eccleston, and Bob & Yvonne Westphal met on Saturday September 1st at the Home Depot and headed to the Show & Shine at the Columbia Gorge Interpretive Center in Stevenson Washington.

Herb Watkins and Russ Ashley were already parked, and Russ was working at registration. Stephanie Willis also worked at registration, and Chuck again took care of the grilling duties. Luckily we were all able to park together. George Wessitsh was able to move his 1936 Dodge pickup over and park behind Marlo's 1935, a very rare pairing of two great trucks.

We were an interesting group, Herb's Packard Woodie Wagon, the Westphals' 63 Corvair Convertible on its first outing, the two Dodge pickups, the Dimicks' Corvette which had its top down for the first time, and the Marbles' and Dixons' Plymouths.

The weather was perfect, and we all enjoyed a day of fun cars and conversation.
Alan Tiffany who was the official greeter for the day said that 153 cars were registered as participants, and that the total attendance including spectators was in excess of 1200 people. The 50/50 prize reflected the great attendance and was an all time high of $255 each.

Marlo & JulieAnn were the only winners for the day with a Best Stripes award.

If only six more CPPC members had brought cars we would have won the club participation award for the first time. Hopefully we can do better in supporting Alan & Sharon Tiffany and the Interpretive Center in 2013 with more club cars.





Annual CPPC Hot-Dog Feed, August 28, 2012

It was a warm, summer's evening – the perfect time for a parking lot party.

56 SavoyDonna Bade went shopping for hot dogs and coordinated the rest of the food. Jeannie and Dennis Mowery brought the picnic supplies. Stephanie Willis decorated the tables with floral centerpieces, which all left as door prizes at the end of the evening. Tim McCarthy provided a musical prelude, and Jerry Klinger grilled the hot dogs.

Lots of members brought their cars. Click on the picture at right to see a gallery of all the pictures Robin and Mike took at the event.



Independence header

Joint Independence Cruise gets a solid start

Scroll down the page for a list of the businesses and individuals who supported this event with their donations of awards and raffle items.

By Robin Will

“A good first-year showing,” was the consensus following the joint
CPPC-Central Lions Cruise-In of August 18, in Independence.

Lions ClubAfter a week of blistering heat, Saturday morning’s clouds and rain showers went a bit too far in the opposite direction. Members of both clubs expected visitors who promised to attend but never showed up, most likely because of the early-morning rains. Although organizers hoped for 100 guests or more, the final registration count stuck at 90 cars.

Considering the chancy weather, and the big Chevrolet (Obsolete Fleet) meet being held across the river in Salem, it was an encouraging turnout for a first-ever event. The folks who brought those 90 cars had a great time.

Kissel250Judges, participants and spectators all named Shirley & Glenn Slack's 1915 Kissel Kar the Best of Show at Independence. Click on the picture at right to see a gallery of photos from August 18, 2012, cruise-in in Independence.

Riverview Park is a wonderful venue for a cruise-in. The cars parked on the grass, and the big shade trees were nice when the sun finally came out.

SurfinSuburbanThis 1950 Plymouth Suburban custom also rated high on everybody's favorites list at Independence. Click on the picture to see the gallery of cruise-in photos.

Both CPPC and the Central Lions Club had hustled on awards and raffle donations. The thank-you brochure listed 16 award sponsors, 40 raffle donations, 23 contributors to goodie bags, and a handful of donations that could not be categorized. Raffle activities went on non-stop, and lots of people went home with trophies from this event.

Judging for trophies was a relaxed process. Five members each from CPPC and Central Lions Club rated their favorites from the open field of cars. People with cars in the show had an opportunity to vote on their favorites, and spectators were given ballots as well.

Several CPPC members brought their cars to the show, but Jerry and Joanne Dixon had what appeared to be a family reunion going on, with four cars at the event. Jerry and Joanne brought their 1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S fastback, of course.

Dixons’ youngest daughter, Lisa Conner, brought her 1965 Ford Mustang GT.
Jerry and Joanne’s oldest daughter, Cindy Norlen and husband Donnie, brought Cindy’s 1967 Pontiac Firebird.

Cindy and Donnie’s daugther, Kaela Salaz and her husband Jake, brought the 1967 Pontiac LeMans, which originally belonged to Jake’s grandfather.
Dixon’s grandson, Andrew Norlen, who began his freshman year at the Boston Conservatory on scholarship in musical theater before this newsletter went to press, sang the national anthem and some other selections at the Independence event.

Our activities are successful because our communities participate to the fullest. Central Lions Club and Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club extend their thanks to everyone who worked, and/or donated goods or services to make our cruise-in wonderful. We hope our members and friends will remember who supported our event this summer, and support these folks with patronage all year!

Award Sponsors

Town & Country Dealerships
East Portland Auto Body
Dick Hannah Dealerships
Tony’s Auto Parts
Northwest Accounting & Tax
Abbott Instrument Restoration
LKQ Foster Auto Parts
Les Schwab Tire Center ( Independence)
Bent Wrench Farm & Auto Repair
Sterling Savings Bank (Independence)
Joynt Family Chiropractic (Monmouth)
Barb Mylnechuk Insurance Agency
Mungo Shirts, Signs, Designs
Brooks and Terry’s Espresso (Monmouth/Independence/Dallas)
White’s Collision Service (Independence)
Central Lions Club
AMSOIL Independent Agents

Raffle Prize Donations

Cindy’s Window Fashions
Parkrose Hardware - Vancouver
Les Schwab - Clackamas
Stereo King
Les Schwab - Gresham
Clackamas Auto Parts
Northwest Auto Paint
America’s Tires - Vancouver
Starks Vacuums
Gresham Ford
America’s Tires - Clackamas
Meineke Car Care - 82nd Ave
Polish Nails
Discount Tires - Bothell,WA
Pedron Auto/Boat/RV Storage - Vancouver
Vancouver Ford
Baxter Auto Parts
Franz Bakery
Kadel’s Auto Body
VanKirk’s Florists
Northwest AutoSolutions
Les Schwab - Orchards
North American Muscle Cars
Jerry & Joanne Dixon
Pat & Patty Brost
Bill & Dolores Call
Rob’s Upholstery
Parkrose Hardware - Portland
Cost Less Auto Parts - Orchards
Joynt Family Chiropractic (Monmouth)
Second Chance Books (Independence)
NAPA Auto (Monmouth)
Greg Pierce
Rod and Debbie Bach
Figaro’s Pizza (Independence)
Central Lions
Prestige Theater (Independence)
Town & Country Hardware (Independence)
Lyn Jobe, Mary Kay consultant
24 Hour Fitness (Independence)
Barb Chrisman, Dallas Lions Club
Leatherman Tool Group
NAPA Auto Parts - Vancouver
Padington’s Pizza - Keizer
Rock-n-Rogers - Salem
Indulgence Salon - Salem
Java Crew - Salem
Dennis and Barbara Rice

Goody Bag Donations

Town & Country Dealerships
Instant Inprints
Miller Paints
America’s Tire - Vancouver
Speeds Towing
Monarch Hotel
Cindy’s Window Fashions
Jerry & Joanne Dixon
Twin Star Credit Union
Geico - Clackamas
VanKirk’s Florist
North American Muscle Cars
Wells Fargo Bank – Vancouver
Chuck & Stephanie Willis
Barb Mylnechuk Insurance (Independence)
Oregon Lions Sight and
Hearing Foundation
M-I Chamber of Commerce
Haggerty Classic Car Insurance
Rod and Debbie Bach
Lyn Jobe, Mary Kay consultant
Dairy Queen (Monmouth)
Papa Murphy’s Pizza (Monmouth)

Other Donations

Dick Hannah Dealerships
Jan Burks (Lions member)
Roger’s Automotive (Monmouth)
Roth’s Family Market (Independence)


July 26-29:
Northwest Regional WPC Meet,
Antique Powerland, Brooks, OR

Mowerys 48Click on the picture of Mowery's car, at right, to open the gallery of photos from the WPC meet. Photos are by Mike Bade.

WPC stands for Walter P. Chrysler, and the Northwest Regional Meet of that club was held at Antique Powerland in Brooks, OR, over the weekend of July 26-29, 2012.

Don Hufschmid and Lorraine Griffey coordinated the CPPC group that attended the show on July 28, and stayed for the famous Steam-Up/Parade for which Antique Powerland is famous.

Plymouths were well-recognized in the WPC winner's circle. Pat and Patty Brost won a second place in the Plymouth class with their 1933 Plymouth PD convertible, and Chuck Hamaker, CPPC member from Seattle, won a first place in the Plymouth class with his 1949 Plymouth convertible. Photos by Mike Bade.


Sunday, July 22, 2012:
MOPAR Nationals at Woodburn Drag Strip

By Dave Benfield

On Sunday, July 22 several CPPC members and a few friends went to the MoPAR Nationals at Woodburn Drag Strip.  This is a one day event, hosted this year by MoPAR Musclecars and the Drag Strip, which consists of an all MoPAR (including Jeep and AMC) car show, a drag race, and a small swap meet. 

Lloyd Schulz, our friend Rob and I were met at the Tualatin K Mart by the Dixons, and several more CPPCers and guests met up on route.  Seeing as how the cars were parked more or less as they arrived, and we all got in line together, we were able to park together-except for Lloyd and his friend Rob who came in Lloyd’s Chevy Pickup.  His Plymouth was not cooperating.

The weather was threatening, but only enough rain actually fell to get me to put the top up on the Valiant.  By 8:00 A.M. that micro shower was over and the rest of the day was quite pleasant.

Attending was Mick DeSantis, Dino DeSantis (Mick’s son) and friend Josh, Dennis and Barbara Rice, Lloyd Schulz and friend Rob, Jerry and Joanne Dixon, and me.  That’s a fairly good turn out concerning the somewhat threatening weather earlier and the fact that this has not been a big event for Club participation.

In the car show judging CPPC did very well, with 4 of the five Plymouths coming home with an award..  The Dixons’ ’67 Barracuda took 1st in A Body Stock, The Rices’ ’51 2 Dr. HT took Best 50s and Older, Mick’s ’65  Satellite took 2nd in B Body Stock and his ’34 4 Dr. PE took Best Project.

Let’s plan on sending an even bigger contingent next year.  This is a truly remarkable, unique event with some out standing MoPAR metal to drool over.  Chances are the weather will be better and maybe some one will even race!

MoparNationals lineup

Photo by Jerry Dixon


July 21, 2012:
All-Mopar Show & Shine at Roberson Motors

By Dennis Rice

At the All Mopar Show and Shine held Saturday, July 21, at Roberson Motors in Salem, Cascade Pacific Plymouth Club member cars garnered six trophies.

Richard and Viki Cerruti captured second place in their vehicle class as well as taking the special Sponsor's Award with their 64 Plymouth Sport Fury; Allen and Sharon Tiffany won first place in the Convertible class with their 37 Chrysler convertible. CPPC members swept the Pre-60's class: Dennis and Barbara Rice took the first place trophy with their 51 Plymouth Belvedere and Tom Fox got the second place award in this class with his 59 Plymouth Fury 2. Jerry and Joanne Dixon took home the first place award in the A-Body Stock class with their 67 Plymouth Barracuda Formlula S.


Big club turnout, lots of awards, at the Orphan Car Show, June 24, 2012

By Robin Will

StudebakerClick on the picture of the Studebaker to open a gallery of photos from the Orphan Car Show.

Judging by attendance, CPPC likes the Orphan Car Show more and more as time goes by.

Every year, more of us show up at the event.

It’s an easy show to like. Clackamette Park is an extended riverside meadow, with big cottonwood trees, perfect for relaxing on a sunny day.

The host club is friendly, and the cars are extraordinary. We saw vehicles we hadn’t seen for a long time, if ever: a couple of Willys products, a Cord, a Checker, a Vale, a Crosley pickup, and several handsome Studebaker trucks, among others.

The buzz was mostly about the three DeSoto wagons, huge cars by today’s standards but not really big for the 1950s. What are odds that you’ll see even one 1955-56 DeSoto wagon, let alone three of them at the same gathering?
The voting was by people’s choice, and the people chose the yellow-and-black 1956 DeSoto wagon as Best of Show.

Quite a few CPPC cars took home awards, as well.

Tom Nachand’s 1933 PD Convertible and the Rushers’ 1930U Coupe took #1 and #2, respectively, in the 1930-1939 category.

Don Ryan’s chop-top 1948 Club Coupe took #3 in the 1940-1949 class, and the Rices’ 1951 Belvedere was voted #3 in the 1950-1954 category.

Dixons’ 1967 Barracuda took the #1 spot in the 1965-1969 class.


June 16, 2012: An orchestra, a dance floor, a biplane … a cruise-in!

By Robin Will

BiplaneClick on the picture of the biplane to open a gallery of photos from the Fletcher Anderson event.

The June 16 rain showers mostly went around the scene of Fletcher Anderson’s party and cruise-in, and a good time was had by all.

CPPC’s delegation to the event was led by Bob & Yvonne Westphal, who had scouted a route from Vancouver’s north side to the Pleasant Valley location which avoided Interstate 5 almost entirely. It was a pleasant drive through small towns and past real farms

Larry and Joyce Catt caught a ride with Les and Nancy Conner in the Conners’ beautiful 1946 P-15; and the Mowerys drove their ’48. Jerry and Joanne Dixon brought their 1967 Barracuda. Gary Rusher brought his 1930 coupe on a trailer, and drove the coupe in from Winlock. Robin Will rode shotgun for Gary.

Fletcher Anderson is a CPPC member, and also a Model A Ford aficionado. This event has been a gathering of Model A clubs for years, and recently, Fletcher has been inviting the Plymouth contingent and other car clubs to join in. This year, Packards were almost as plentiful as Model As, and lots of unfamiliar marques were represented.

Club members who don’t accept this invitation are missing out, pure and simple. Folks who arrive in old cars get to cross a covered bridge, and assemble along the airstrip.

Yes, airstrip. A biplane buzzes the crowd occasionally, and guests can get rides. The aerobatics are thrilling from the ground, and one can only guess what it’s like to be strapped into the plane that’s doing them.

When the biplane lands, the orchestra starts up. The Ridge Runners Society orchestra is a serious, rehearsed group of musicians in black tie, who played a few sets of dance tunes from the 1920s ‘30s and ‘40s. When the music concluded, there was a fashion show with styles from the eras of the tunes and the cars.

Anticipating the rain that never [quite] appeared, the orchestra, the deluxe seats, the dance floor, and the food service area were all under cover.


Papa’s Toys: the collection inside,
the cruise-in outside, May 12, 2012

By Mike Bade

PapasToysGroup2012Click on the picture of the happy group to open a gallery of Mike Bade's photos from the Papa's Toys event.

The Papa’s Toys cruise-in is a special event: a chance to see a great car collection, and also a fund raiser for Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, OR. The Davis family holds the annual open house as a tribute to Jim Davis the founder of Stuart Styles Trucking, who passed away in 2006.

Mike and Donna Bade were the tour hosts. They had treats waiting at the meeting place in Portland Heights Park. Bon and Yvonne Westphal brought thir ‘48 Club Coupe. Bob and Jeanette Dimick brought along some friends from Brush Prairie, Jack and Gayla Brossard, who are also car enthusiasts.

Gary Rusher had been to the Portland Transmission cruise-in, and missed the turn off for Portland Heights Park, but we were able to catch up with him and pull into Papa’s Toys as a group.

Other CPPC members meeting us were: Dennis and Jeanne Mowery in thir ‘48 4 Door, Pat Brost in his ‘33 Convertible Coupe, Tim Winchell and Steve Mahoney.
With the weather so good, there were 500-600 cars of every make, model and vintage you could think of, to see in the parking lot. A special treat was a rare 1953 Nash Healey Pininfarina; brought in to publicize the Forest Grove Concours d’Elegance.

The Papa’s collection, is amazing to say the least. Most every Domestic car brand is represented, along with some unique and custom cars, so the collection has something for everyone. If you have never been before you must put this on you list of car events to see.

At the end of the afternoon, we stopped just down the street at the shop of A&M Deluxe Customs. A&M Owners, Aaron Atnip and Mark Spurlock and their crew produce the highest quality street rods. On display were many projects in various stages of creation including a 1932 ford, Graffiti Coupe, like the one driven in American Graffiti by John Milner. Their work does not come cheap, but you will not have to worry about some one else having the same car at your local Crusie-In.


Sun comes out for April 29
Mt. Pleasant School event

By Joanne Dixon

The 29th turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. We met at Shari’s Cafe & Pies for brunch/lunch. The Dixons were joined by the Calls, Gary Rusher, and Philis Van Coelen. Gary’s ‘30 died as he pulled into the parking lot, and though it eventually restarted, the fuel system gave him trouble all day.


We all proceeded to the show without Gary, we did save him a spot, and he showed up a few minutes later. Vera Rusher joined us in the afternoon, and we also saw Retha Harden with her friend Dan, and Tim McCarthy with his new 1967 Pontiac Catalina. We had a perfect fun day with Gary being the only award winner, a first place Best Stock Car trophy. The happy trophy winner had to have his son bring the trailer to get him home. We hope the next event has a better turn out of members and cars. Happy Cruisin, Jerry & Joanne

Photos by Jerry Dixon



Garage Tour: March 10, 2012
Ardie Overby's place in the morning …

By Robin Will
CPPC’s activity season started on March 10, 2012, with visits to the collections of Ardie Overby, in Beaverton, and Ken Austin, in Newberg.

Click on the picture of the Ardie's Corvette to open a photo gallery of the Overby tour.

Ardie Overby's GarageThe first stop was breakfast at the Black Bear Diner in Beaverton, followed by a short motorcade to Ardie’s place. Our group had 18 members at that point.

In terms of total floorspace, the Overby establishment is about 60% serious restoration shop, 20% reference library, and 20% showroom of finished cars. The shop is clean and ultra-organized, with work-in-progress on the benches and everything else out of the way. The reference library is astounding: dealer training films, sales manuals, posters, and technical publications that establish Ardie among the ranks of internation experts on Chevrolets. No kidding. And the showroom . . . a half-dozen or so of the absolutely exemplary cars that Ardie decided to keep.

Ardie’s main thing is Chevrolets and Jaguars, and of the Chevys, he leans most heavily towards the 1937s. A ’37 Chevy was the first car he ever drove, he explains, and just sorta stayed with them.

But he had an early Chevy V8 – a 1918 roadster in his shop, in the early stages of restoration, and a ’54 Corvette in his showroom, plus a 1937 coupe that looked brand new – a factory demonstrator and was loaded with every option available in 1937.

Ardie also makes models of his cars, and had some bookend-size depictions of his cars as he originally found them.

An entire room of the building is devoted to a library of Chevrolet-specific books, filmstrips, and factory catalogs and manuals, and Chevy posters and memorabilia cover the walls.

… Ken Austin's collection in the afternoon

The group left the Overby garage and headed via backroads over the river and through the woods to Newberg. After lunch at Little Cooperstown Pub, we visited Ken Austin and his collection. We had picked up a few people along the way, and our group numbered 20 by that time.

Austin LinkKen did something he claimed he had never done: he abandoned his prepared talk, and strolled through the collection with his visitors, answering questions as they came up. It was a pleasant and informative afternoon with a gracious host.

Click on the picture of Ken's hot-rod Lincoln, at right, to open the photo gallery of the Austin tour.

Ken was a hot-rodder when he was young, and he still builds and sells speed equipment when he can get a break from his real job, manufacturing tools and equipment for dentists. A few of the cars in the collection are replicas of things he built as a young man, and each car has its story.

Lined up along one wall were a series of early Fords in which Ken can see the evolution of Henry Ford’s thinking as he worked towards the Model T. The star of that lineup is the dead-original 1907 Model K roadster.

There were several other Fords, but the eye-popping one for many of us was the yellow roadster with the seriously overcarbureted flathead V-12 in it. This is an extreme “Hot Rod Lincoln,” with 12 cylinders instead of 8. Better than the song!

Ken Austin’s collection was our last stop for the day. We said our thank-yous and goodbyes, and drove home in the rain.